Santa Rosa Part IV

The week is damn near over, and in fact, this is the last night here. I am hanging out by the pool, behind by a blog post or 2 to keep y’all up to date on what’s happened, and you know, I am ok with that.  When I gets home, it supposed to rain, and will be the perfect time to catch up.

But, since the beer is still cold, and the night is still early, I decided I could get at least one done… Continue reading

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Santa Rosa Part III

Monday dawned with the morning coming to life and the 4 of us snoozing away!  Day three of vacation and no one had to be anywhere at all at any given time! Packet pickup, done! Halfmarathon, DONE!!  Let the relaxation begin! Continue reading

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Santa Rosa Part II

Last October, while Michelle and Kim we getting ready for the Portland Half Marathon, the Santa Rosa trip had its genesis.  In the hotel where the packet pick up was occurring, other runs were lobbying for people to sign up,

This run had it dialed in.  They gave them each a shirt, a jacket, AND a free bottle of wine!  The ladies signed up and we started making plans for the trip! Yesterday morning was the big event, the day of the run! Continue reading

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Santa Rosa Part1

Finally!  It has been what seems like a VERY long time since our last vacation in May.  We’ve been through long ugly days at work, VERY long bike rides for me, and a ton of training walk/runs for Michelle!  Friday, it was finally time to head for Santa Rosa for her half marathon. So that morning we headed for the airport… Continue reading

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Sooner or later, its gonna happen

As you may or may not know, I work for an insurance company here in Seattle.  The Mighty P!  Michelle and I also have our insurance through them.  Insurance is one of those things we all have to have, but dislike.  We all have it,  though, because no matter how careful you are, someday whether its your fault or not, you are gonna have an accident.

Why am I telling you this?  Because on a bike, the same applies.  Not the insurance part, but the fact that sooner or later, all bike riders crash… Continue reading

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Take the time and Take the camera

I like to take pictures. Anyone who has seen more than one of my posts can’t help but see that. Nowadays, with smartphones. everyone does.  When I finally joined the smartphone generation, I took even more. ..  Continue reading

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The Five Senses of Cycling

Time after time here on 20,000 miles, I have talked about things that I have seen while on two wheels.  Pure and simple, when on a bike, I can stop anywhere and see things that cars would never even notice, let alone stop and snap a picture of.



I have seen things that I will never forget.  The problem?  Talking about what I see ignores all the other senses that come into play when on two wheels. (My thanks to Sarah from Honoring my Compass, for reminding me of this!) Continue reading

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Riding on Roads

When you are ‘known’ as an avid cyclist (and I think I qualify) you start to hear the same questions and have the same discussions time and time again.  One of the most common, here in the great northwest, is, “I guess its OK to ride in the summer, but what to you do in the winter when it rains?”  My answer is always the same, “I get wet.” I swear, to a person, I just get a blank look, a head shake, and soon a subject changer “So how bout them COUGS!”

The other most common statement is: “I’d get a bike, but I don’t have anywhere to ride it, there’s NO WAY I will ride on the road!” Continue reading

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Have you recovered yet?

For those who know me and have been around me after my ‘big ride’ of the year, they’ve pretty much gotten used to me being up and ‘rarin to go’ the next day.  Lord knows I am not at 100%, the stairs at work seem MUCH steeper that then were before the rides, and I seem to make a lot more “old man noises.” For the most part, though, most would not know I have done anything major.

Since the RAMROD, though, I’ve had discussions people I don’t know, or some I don’t know that well, that have just made me smile. Continue reading

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Racking Up the Miles: July 2015

Wow, I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized “Holy Crap!  It’s August!!” Even though I had been tracking the days and watching out for the big ride of the year, it still surprised the heck out of me that we all already into the last real month of Summer.

So far this year, we have had a record 12 days of 90 or higher in Seattle.  The past record was 9 days.  And August is notoriously the hottest month of the year.  I swear I might melt!  But this post is not to whine about the weather, its to talk about the miles for the month… Continue reading

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