The dog ate my homework! (OK Dad messed it up!)

It was a bit of a strange evening in Strohville.  Since it was Tuesday, that meant I was heading down to Federal Way to see the Manchild for dinner.  This time we were eating in the best place in town, his Grandma’s! (My Mom!)

But no, that was NOT the strange part! Continue reading

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Craigslist Karma

Over the years I have discovered many differences between men and women.  Guys, in general, smell worse, have fewer manners, are louder, and are more likely to try something, that in retrospect, might not have been the smartest thing ever.  These are just a few things that separates us.

But the one I am referring to here, is the desire to rearrange the house. Continue reading

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Its been a weekend!

You know how weekends are supposed to be relaxing?  You know, sleep in, laze around, sit on your ass?  Yeah that was NOT this weekend. It was busy from the minute I woke up yesterday to about 5 minutes ago when I started writing this post…  I am a bit tired…. Continue reading

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They are with the Mountain Gods

As many of you know, the Mountainstroh name came from my years of trying to climb mountains in the Cascades. I had many attempts but few successes. However, each and every time I climbed, I truly loved it. There is something about being in the mountains (the higher the better) that truly inspires me. My friends thought was nuts, my mom worried each time, but honestly I miss it sometimes.

So, when I awoke to hear about the avalanche on Everest it struck a chord with me. Continue reading

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Just my Opinion

Ladies and gents, I am going to throw a disclaimer out here before I start. I am going to be giving my opinion on a political subject. Before I do so, I will be explaining to the world my views on many things, to act as a reference point for those who reads this to know where I am coming from.

I mean no offense on anything I post, it is merely my view on the world, and I’d be happy to discuss anything and everything I post, and explain my views to anyone interested.

However, if you prefer not read something that is off my normal, sometimes goofball posts, I won’t be offended if you skip this one! So here we go! Continue reading

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Bulletproof Valente they call me!

There are many reasons I am lucky to have the wife that I do. Michelle and I like each other, we have fun together, we like to talk to each other and we like simply like to be around each other. I am not sure all of these are true for every married couple out there, so I make sure to tell her how much I appreciate her.

There are many more reasons I think this is true. However the one in particular for this post is: she makes sure I am healthy and go to the doctor and dentist as needed! Continue reading

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What motivates different people

Sometimes the shortest conversations end up being the bloggfodder that inspires a post.

I was down this morning putting away some of my sweaty gear from the ride into work when another rider came in to park his bike. I don’t know his name but I have seen him around. He mentioned that there were more bikes parked here lately. I commented that it’s probably the combination of the nicer weather and the bike commuter challenge going on for April and May.

He just gave me a weird look, and said, “Yeah, I did that challenge last year. I logged all my miles, and expected to get something at the end. Nothing happened; I didn’t get anything, so I won’t do it this year.” Continue reading

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