Just get moving!

OK from just the title one could think this post will be about traffic.  And there are many days that this could be true.  However, this week finds me in Spokane, and (with all due respect to my EWA friends) there is NO traffic in Spokane.  Once, I have had to slow down and do the actual speed limit, the rest of the time, we are flying.

Nope this time it comes from something I saw on Facebook, and even though I’ve said it many times before, it is always worth saying again… Continue reading

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What I learned from Spin class

Ok, so as you may or may not know, I am once again stuck in Spokane without the bike, my main means of exercise.  I know, I could disassemble mine and fly it over, but since I fly home every weekend, I just can’t see doing that twice every weekend.  And yep I know I could buy a +1 bike, and keep it over here, but I am a cheap SOB.

Instead, I compromised.  I knew the work out room in the gym was not going to cut it, so I signed up for spin classes.  HEY I can ride a bike for 16 hours straight and cover 200 miles in a day, how hard can this be….  (yep famous last words) Continue reading

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My history and bike history are very similar

One of the advantages to having bike riding blogger and Facebook friends, is they share things that you enjoy to read.  Sarah, of Honoring My Compass (an excellent blog in my humble opinion) did just that today.  She posted an article on the History of Cycle Touring, which takes you through the earliest days of touring (late 1800s) with some amazing pictures! If you have a chance, I highly encourage you to read it.

Who knew HG Wells rode a bike?  And wrote a story (newly downloaded to the Kindle, I might add) involving  bikes?  Many other authors I’ve read from that era rode as well.

I am not going to recap the article, since I think if you want to, you will read it, but I was intrigued with similarities of my bike history and the history of bikes themselves.. Continue reading

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An interesting trip!

Well, once again I will be traveling to and teaching in Spokane for a month…  This will put a damper on the bike miles.  However, in the effort to keep the legs from turning to mush, I am signing up for spin classes.  I keep being told I have no idea what I am getting myself into, but we will soon see, and I will share my misadventures!

Being the smart trainer that I am, I went over yesterday for a quick round trip.  It let me check out the new office and new training rooms.  The flight over was uneventful, but coming back was interesting. Continue reading

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Soaking, Somber and Satisfying.

There are just some days you want to ride.  There are some routes you want to take.  Generally, a soaking rain coming down when I wake up for a ride will send me back to bed, knowing I can always do it another day.

However, sometimes there is a ride that just has to be taken, and even though you know it will be cold and wet, you gortex up and make it happen.  Today was that day. Continue reading

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Yep the legs are tuckered….

As you may expect, at different times of the year, my total miles and work outs in a week vary.  As I get closer to my big rides, going 100 miles on Saturday then a shorter on Sunday, plus biking to work is not abnormal.  This time of year though, rarely do I have a 100 mile week.

This week I busted that…. Continue reading

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Let your mind wander back

Today was a first for 2015.  Since Michelle is off for a girls weekend in Portland, our fearless hero (me) is on his own.  (OK, not quite on his own, left over manicotti in the fridge, YUM!) This does mean I can’t just throw the bike on the back of the car.  If I want to commute home from work on the bike, then I damn well have to wake up early enough to bike TO work.

Today I did so!  The first round trip of 2015.  The best part though, is going both ways the rain held off until I got to the final destination!  On a pretty wet day, I was dry as a tater chip!

On the way home I let my mind wander WAY far back… Continue reading

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I might have caught him on the bounce….

My friend Terri and I like to tell a story about the time we babysat her niece and she fell off the bed.  We were sitting there, watching TV (probably the A Team, or MacGyver, or The Scarecrow and Mrs. King (hey it was the 80s)) and the kidlet was sitting between us.

For some reason, we both looked away, and she threw her self backwards off the bed!  I dove for her, but I was too late, and she hit the carpeted floor (she was fine.)  When her mom came home I explained that had she bounced, I woulda caught her! Mom was NOT amused…

I almost had a second chance this weekend…

Continue reading

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Certain moments

You know, looking back over my career of mountains, hikes, river rafting and bikes, there are many things I remember.  The roar of the river in the middle of big white water, the nose hairs freezing at 2 AM on a glacier, the wind on your face screaming full tilt down a mountain pass are all things that I relish each and every time I experienced them. (still do!)

However, there are just some moments that stand out more prominently than the others, I thought I would share some here. Continue reading

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I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached!

I am very lucky when if comes to bike commuting.  Even though this has been the year without a winter, it can be damn cold in the morning.  Case in point, today it was 25 degrees outside.  I also like to sleep in as much as possible.  These two combined make it hard to bike to work.

However, since Michelle and I work together, I get to throw the bike on the rack and drive in with her, then ride home. However, with not riding in, sometimes I forget things… Continue reading

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