Was it the last ride of Summer or first ride of Autumn?

Everyone who knows me in real live life (or even on Facebook) has heard me complaining about how hot it has been this summer.  I like Seattle for its year round cycling weather (as long  as you don’t mind getting wet) but its been over 80 entirely too much this summer!  I am very much looking forward for the cooler weather of Autumn!

But I don’t like everything about the new season… Continue reading

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The Birthday Girl’s Weekend

Folks it has been a VERY long and VERY fun weekend, even with a bit a bad stuff mixed in.  This weekend was a milestone birthday for my gorgeous bride, and it was important to me that it was memorable! Looking back as I write this, I think it was! Continue reading

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Book Review: Two Wheels North by Evelyn McDaniel Gibb

This was a bit of a unique book for me.  First off, it was a book, NOT an eBook.  I have a very few authors that I still read in paper, since nowadays I prefer the ease and convenience of a Kindle.  However, this one didn’t come as an eBook.  I was intrigued enough by the subject to buy it though, as it was about 2 kids, fresh out of high school, who rode bikes from Santa Rosa California to Seattle WA.

Yes, I know people ride between CA and WA everyday.  My friend Sarah did it in stellar form this summer.  Oh, did I forget to mention this was in 1909…. Continue reading

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Interesting night in Spokane

I have spent many a night in Spokane over the last 5 years or so.  Before I left the Mighty P, and when I was with the Holy P, I was sent over here to train folks in our eastern Washington offices.  Now that I am back with the Mighty P, this is my 3rd trip over here to do the same. I would say, though, this evening was different from the norm…. Continue reading

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The OTHER part of Washington State

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows how much I love the Northwest, both Washington and Oregon.  The mountains, ocean beaches, trees, and greenness (no I don’t know if that is a word, but I’m going with it!) are some of my favorite things.  But to be fair, there is a another part of Washington that I rarely mention… Continue reading

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Cycling Culture

I’ve been going through a bit of a blogging dry spell lately.  I think being busy with real life stuff, and therefore being off the bike more than I have in years, has resulted in a lot lest saddle time.  Now this may not seem like a big deal, but my best thinking time, be it for bloggage or work projects, comes when I am sitting and pedaling the bike!  Makes me wonder where exactly my brains really are….

However, yesterday, why taking the Mom-in-law in search of a new recliner, I discovered a new place that finally jarred my head in gear!  It made me realize, at least up here in Seattle, we have actively embraced the Cycling Culture! Continue reading

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Man Law!

Folks, a word of warning here.  I am going to do something I don’t normally do, I am going to stereotype a group of people.  Now the group of people in question are men, so, since I am part of this group, I feel ok doing so.

Remember, as always, the opinions of this page are mine and mine alone, and I never try to annoy or offend (OK maybe sometimes I do to a particula rperson or two, but NOT this time.) So read on if you’d like! Continue reading

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