Let’s do this a different way! @whitehouse

I wasn’t able to ride the bike home from work today.  Michelle was helping her mom go that the doctor and the Manchild was coming up after he did his speech in class.  Since he really doesn’t like to ride home on my handle bars, that meant I needed the car to get him home.  Now normally this isn’t an issue, especially since we get to use the carpool lane.  However, today I had to plan around a different obstacle, the President was in town. Continue reading

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Hell on Earth

In my last post, A Seattle Kinda Day, I alluded to  (ok I admit it, I flat referred to) Atlanta as Hell on Earth.  I have a friend who used to live up here in Seattle, but now lives down there, and took me to task for saying that about somewhere I’d never set foot in… Continue reading

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A Seattle kinda day!

Last week, it was in the 90s, and I was riding like the wind for 16 hours.  (OK, maybe a summer breeze more than the wind, but I rode!)  Today it was in the 70s and a bit cloudy and all about being in Seattle! Continue reading

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The Let Down

You know I should be more ready for this.  It has happened every year since 2008 when I got the bike.  The let down.

This time last week, I was buzzing all over the place.  Getting the bike ready, attaching the number, 484, to the jersey, helmet, and bike.  Filling water bottles, camel back and the yellow bag.  Packing the last bit of stuff for the time in Oregon.  I hadn’t sat down since I got home, nor would I till about 9 when I finally got to bed.  This week its a different story…. Continue reading

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My blogger friend Tiare, from Tiarefitness.com posted the following quote from C.S Lewis on her Instagram feed:

Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.

When I read this early this morning, I knew I had found the fodder for my next post. Continue reading

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Recovery Trip

Normally, after completing the big ride of the year, I would simply go home, take a shower, get the errands done, and be ready for work Monday morning.  I will not say I am productive on these days, nor am I moving quickly, but I am there.

This time, however, I decided that a break after the 204 miles was in order.  Michelle and I spent the night in Portland, we then woke up and headed for Cannon Beach, Oregon.


Spending 3 days at the Ocean seemed like a LOT more fun than heading back to the Mighty P. Continue reading

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Wheels and Waves

The day after the STP and a GOOD nights sleep, Michelle and I woke up in Portland.  I woke up with 2 numb toes from the bike shoes, a left hand that just isn’t working right from shifting (had this before, it will go away) and a strong desire to head west to ocean!

Yep, instead of going home and back to work, I had planned for us to head to Cannon Beach to recover.  Last night, while looking for a place to eat, I snapped this picture


And it started me to thinking… Continue reading

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