Beer, Bikes and Grits

Folks, contrary to popular belief at work, I am honestly very anti social.  I do not like big crowds or a lot of people.  Shoot, I don’t even like going out to lunch with most of the people I work with. (Michelle and I did go out with Coni today, THAT was fun). So, in general, any type of after work function I tend to skip.

Editors note:  I will flat lie to get out of doing something, then later fess up that I did.  After a couple of times of doing this, people stop asking.

However, today was different.  This was the End of Bike Month bash. Continue reading

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Nuthin to Prove

I can’t remember the year, but it was sometime early in the 2000s, and I was going for my 3rd attempt at Mt Rainier.  Having to turn around the two times prior, though necessary, was a major blow to this cowboy.

I was SURE I was going to make it the 3rd time.  I trained harder and longer, read everything I could get my hands on, and mentally visualized myself on top.  I had also found a quote from a mountaineer that I loved:  “Summit or die, either way I win! ” I wanted to get a t-shirt made.  My plan was to lie through my teeth, and do whatever it took to make it to the top.

Yeah I didn’t make it. That’s not the story here.

This weekend, I learned how much I have changed from that younger me. Continue reading

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Made it!

Even though those who followed this know I made it to the beach last Saturday, I have yet to do a recap of the ride.  This is due to the following

  1. Crappy Interweb connection at the hotel (Which by the way is the ONLY negative I have on our stay!  and really who needs interwebs at the ocean)
  2. Too much to see and do outside at the Ocean.
  3. Laziness.

But now, as Michelle does her training walk, I have time to sit with coffee at Starbucks and real interwebs to fill y’all in.

Yep I made it! Continue reading

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Well, here I sits after a long drive home.  Michelle is out getting her hair did.  Appointments are hard to come by (Unless you use Hairmasters like I do) So we made sure to leave in time to get home for it.  It was nip and tuck there for a bit, and I unloaded the car like the wind, but she is there.

I have gotten thing put away, laundry started, everything needing it watered, and singed some hair on the legs burning weeds from an area that will be barked Saturday.

I am taking a second to sit, and do one last photo blog, even though I have access to the real computer. I wanted to share the cool animals we saw!  Later, I will get a real post going. Continue reading

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The things you can see at the ocean!

I am sure there are some who can come to the ocean and treat it just like they were at home.  They sit inside, they watch TV, they play video games and never really look around to see all there is to see. Luckily we are NOT like that.  One of the reason’s we go to the ocean, aside from just wanting to listen to the waves, is see all the beauty, natural and otherwise, you only get here.

My second phot blog post will share some with ya!  Continue reading

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Made it to the ocean!

Well y’all, I made it to the ocean! After 100 hard miles I’ll tell you about later.


However, I am not able to hook the laptop to our wifi at the hotel. And typing s blog on the iPad is a royal pain! So this week I will be come a photoblog! Today’s theme: as the sun goes down outside our room Continue reading

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Bike to Work 2015

One of the reasons people start riding a bike is to get in shape and lose weight. It just stands to figure, if you pedal instead of drive to work, you burn calories and get that much more in shape.  Since I don’t eat till I get to work, and then its oatmeal, it works well for me.

However, there is one day a year when it is EASY to take in a helluva lot more calories than you burn. And that day was today! Continue reading

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Not even thinking about the ride…

In 48 hours from right now, I will be done with my second century of the month, and probably very contented with a big meal and some tasty wine afterwards. Normally, I’d be sitting here about now planning what to pack, double checking the snacks, reviewing the route….

But for once I am doing none of that.  In all honesty, all I can focus on is knowing when I am done I will be at the ocean!

image Continue reading

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Make the Scary man go away!

Being the Sci Fi geek that I am, there are certain lines from shows I grew up with that will never leave me.  One such is from the opening of the 1970s Battlestar Galactica (the one where Starbuck was a guy).  In the opening you hear Lorne Greene (Pa from Bonanza) (For the luva gawd please don’t tell me y’all aren’t young to remember Bonanza!)) saying “There are those who believe that life here, began out there….”

Why am I mentioning this?  Because lately I have decided this is applying today at work.  Why?  Because “There are those who believe that when starting to cycle, one must seek out Tony….” Continue reading

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As long as I have a book I am happy!

Even though the weather was perfect yesterday, I am heeding the advice of Michelle as well as my biking, blogging buddy Sarah and taking a few days off the bike.  Manchild and I will be going to see the third Avengers movie later tonight, and last night was a date night for Michelle and I. Continue reading

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