The Apple Cup and Snow always means magic

You know, I can’t help but get a bit nostalgic when the Saturday before Thanksgiving hits.  From the year I started in WSU, 1982, until very recently, this was the day of the Apple Cup.  That legendary game between the WSU Cougars and those other guys who have a school on the lake.

I have many memories of Apple Cups past, and yep, we have lost a lot more than we have one over the years.  But whenever I think of the Apple Cup, my most vivid memory was 29 years ago, 1985, when Seattle came to a standstill due to snow, and the Cougar Band was in the middle of it. Continue reading

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“So this is Christmas” Jim Devitt

(This is a reprint of a blog post from last year, but with holiday shopping going on, and Thanksgiving a week away, it is NOW ok to start getting a new Christmas book for the family!)

I’ve mentioned in the past that I am an avid reader.  I’ve been reading damn near every day since at least the 4th grade, and maybe even before.  Getting a book for my birthday or Christmas was the perfect gift.  What else could you get, for the price of a movie, that gives you many many hours of fun.

Nowadays, I carry my iPad or my Kindle everywhere I go, and I read whenever I get the chance.  I usually have 2 or 3 books going at anyone time.

When asked for gift ideas for people, one of the first things I think of is a book!  Those who can write and get a book published are to be admired.  Which is why I am excited to do this post.  One of my oldest friends, Jim Devitt,  has written  a book that would be perfect for the holidays!

I am lucky enough to have read it and  I can share them with you! Continue reading

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Sometimes I guess it really aint rock science

Hi all, first off nope, the title is not a typo!  When I did a week-long glacier mountaineering class in Alaska, and we were discussing how to choose a route to the summit,


one of the Andy’s (both guides were named Andy), would always start with, “Well it aint rock science…”  I’ve been saying ever since.

This time though, I am not talking about climbing mountains, I’m talking about having a relationship with your kids… Continue reading

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A Stroh looks at 50..

Folks, when this publishes, I will have just 1 day left in my 40s.  Yep, your buddy Tony, one of our favorite cyclists, mountain climber, attempted blogger,  and over all goofball, will hit half a century…. Continue reading

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It’ll wash right off!

If anyone would’ve asked me prior to today, I would have answered without a doubt that I had done a post about this story. However, two things this week made me check.  The first was one of my students asking why teenage and twenty-something males seem to lack common sense, and the second was one of my old friends mentioned shoe polish in a Facebook comment.

These two items (common sense and polish) played a HUGE part in a road-trip back to Pullman for a Cougar Football Game…. Continue reading

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I got an email today at work, about a co-worker who is going to retire this week.  Her boss is putting together a memory book of stories people want to share about her.  This person was the first one at the Mighty P to make me a supervisor, and I will never forget the day she told me I was the one selected. Continue reading

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Bring it on!

I have mentioned more than once on this blog how much I prefer Washington state weather over the rest of the country (especially  where its way to hot and way to humid most of the time (Georgia for ex)).  I can ride year round, summer, though too hot for my liking, doesnt melt me, and winters, though chilly, can be survived with just a heavy windbreaker and a gortex hat.

I do need to now offer a clarification, it’s the western Washington weather I like so much! Continue reading

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