Just my Opinion

Ladies and gents, I am going to throw a disclaimer out here before I start. I am going to be giving my opinion on a political subject. Before I do so, I will be explaining to the world my views on many things, to act as a reference point for those who reads this to know where I am coming from.

I mean no offense on anything I post, it is merely my view on the world, and I’d be happy to discuss anything and everything I post, and explain my views to anyone interested.

However, if you prefer not read something that is off my normal, sometimes goofball posts, I won’t be offended if you skip this one! So here we go! Continue reading

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Bulletproof Valente they call me!

There are many reasons I am lucky to have the wife that I do. Michelle and I like each other, we have fun together, we like to talk to each other and we like simply like to be around each other. I am not sure all of these are true for every married couple out there, so I make sure to tell her how much I appreciate her.

There are many more reasons I think this is true. However the one in particular for this post is: she makes sure I am healthy and go to the doctor and dentist as needed! Continue reading

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What motivates different people

Sometimes the shortest conversations end up being the bloggfodder that inspires a post.

I was down this morning putting away some of my sweaty gear from the ride into work when another rider came in to park his bike. I don’t know his name but I have seen him around. He mentioned that there were more bikes parked here lately. I commented that it’s probably the combination of the nicer weather and the bike commuter challenge going on for April and May.

He just gave me a weird look, and said, “Yeah, I did that challenge last year. I logged all my miles, and expected to get something at the end. Nothing happened; I didn’t get anything, so I won’t do it this year.” Continue reading

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The theory of weathertivity

One of the games my wife and I like to play here in Seattle is “Spot the tourist.” It is pretty darn easy actually. It’s not because they look like they are lost, or because they are going to touristy places like Pike Place market or the Experience Music Project (I’ve done each of these). And it is sure not because they are in Woodinville tasting wine, (I’ve done this even more often).

Around here is it easy to spot tourists, especially those from California, Arizona, New Mexico or the South, by what they wear. You might think that maybe fashions differ from area to area. However, considering I do well at this game, AND I have no fashion sense, that can’t be it.

The secret is the coat…. Continue reading

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Needed a weekend like that

Like most of the working world I really like my weekends.  We get up early, work, commute, go to meetings and come home all week long.  Then we try to get things down around the house or the yard, or errands down before we sneak in some time to read a book and head for bead to start all over again.

But on the weekends, we get to sleep in, eat when we want to, ignore any meeting request we want.  Its, for the most part, our time to do as we please. Most of the time, the very best weekends involve a lot of miles on the bike, seeing sites from the back of two wheels, and sweating up a storm from the exertion.

This weekend, though was a fantastic weekend and I never touched a bike! Continue reading

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A weekend away

No real post today, currently sitting here, reading, relaxing and listening to the waves….


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Lunchroom Chatter!

You just never know what conversations you will have while sitting in the lunch room at work.

I am far from the most social person when I am down there. I always say high to our barista. Yep, we are in Seattle and have our own latte stand in our cafeteria (how cliché is that?). I also say hi to all the folks who work in the room, they’ve been there for years.

But, generally after I’ve made my oatmeal in the morning, or heated up my lunch, I go to the window counter table, turn my back to the world, and read while I eat. It’s a relaxing 15 minutes or so before I walk.

Sometimes though, people come up to me…. Continue reading

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