The Faster you go, the more boring the trip…

So there I was last week, reading a sci fi book about some space traveling cowboys (ok they weren’t really cowboys, it’s what I use instead of space traveling people).  One of them was lamenting about how bored he was.  They’d been cooped up in the space ship, going faster than the speed of light, for 450 days .   His buddy responded, “Isn’t it strange that the faster you are traveling, the more boring the trip is?

I actually stopped and reread this a few times, cuz it got me thinking…. Continue reading

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What a CRAPPY morning!

Today was not normal.  You see. usually I annoy people because I am a morning person.  Though I love sleeping in and snuggling up to Michelle, once out of bed I usually hit the floor running.  I whistle in the hallways, and drive the caffeine deprived nuts until they get their coffee.  Yes normally mornings are my happy place!  But not today… Continue reading

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Today the jerks were out in force!

Anyone who read yesterdays post knows my Saturday was shot.  Working the winery is a blast, but it does tend to kill the day.  That meant everything that needed to get done this weekend, got done Sunday… Continue reading

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I am a tired cowboy

Yesterday was one helluvan active day.  Nope I didn’t get out on the bike, nor did I go for a walk or a run.  Nope yesterday I was a volunteer worker at our winery, Dusted Valley.



Now, I know you are wondering how can THAT be tiring….   Continue reading

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It really is a matter of convenience…

You know what’s fun about reading other cycling blogs?  You sometimes read a post that results in you “borrowing” the theme for your own blog.  (OK, maybe we could call it stealing the idea)  This happened just yesterday when I read a post by my british blogger friend Jude (Cycling with Heels) Continue reading

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A bit of a tangent…

Anyone who spends anytime at all exploring 15,000 miles knows I love to spend time on two wheels.  In fact, my ride home from work today was windy, chilly, threatening rain and I loved it!  I also love hiking in the Cascades (Hence the name Mountainstroh).  I also enjoy good wine, good beer and cheeseburgers.

However, with all of this, there is one thing I do more than anything else (and no it’s not blog posts) its reading.  I always have one or two books (if not more) going at a time on the Kindle.

I’ve posted some cycling book reviews, but this time, I want to talk about a different genre all together… Continue reading

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Gave it all I had….

As y’all know, I really like bike commuting.  I know I kinda cheat by throwing the bike on the back of the car in the morning, and driving in with Michelle, but we like our extra time together, we get to use the carpool lanes, and I get an extra hour sleep.  All are GREAT reasons to do it this way.

On days I bring in the bike, I ride home no matter what, which means I am subject to the whim of the weather. Today that meant I was racing this on my way home…


Continue reading

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