Keeping a Record

You know, when I take a moment to sit down and think about things, and this Mountainstroh Blog in particular, it still surprises me that it is still going.  It’s been over 2 years since I’ve started (with a swift kick from Michelle to make it happen), and even though it’s not a daily occurrence any more (hell even I have only so much to say) it is still multiple times a week.

I am surprised because even though I have tried over the years, keeping a regular journal just never worked for me.  I wasn’t that disciplined and I hate hand writing anything. (Dates back to many an elementary report card that said “Great student, smart as hell, a wiz at math, but his handwriting is atrocious!)

Even trying to type one hasn’t worked.  I am what we like to refer to as someone who is “Journal Challenged.” Which means only this blog will serve as a record of what I have done. Continue reading

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Book Review: Blazing Bicycle Saddles by James Clarke

Folks, even though I keep hearing age is a number and that 60 is the new 40, and you are only as old as you feel, I sometimes still wonder.  I truly wonder how long these legs can keep me moving forward and my body can keep me in the saddle as I go places I have never been before.  Sometimes I think it will be forever, other times not so much.

So, when I stumble on a book like this, where I am younger (by a LOT) than most of the group riding, it gives a young pup like me hope! Continue reading

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Kicking it into gear!

Well folks, today was the perfect storm of events.  I am 98% recovered from the Spokane Plague, I don’t have to fly out-of-town tomorrow, and the weather was perfect!  Given a day like this, there is only one thing that can happen: A long bike ride

Continue reading

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Now vs Then!

Yesterday, my post revolved around the fountain of youth many cyclist discover once they saddle up.  My Mom, who reads every post (even though she swears it adds a gray hair each time I do something I think is fun) added a great quote from the book”Younger Next Year” by Chris Crowley & Henry Lodge, MD.  He says, “You do have to age  But you don’t have to rot!” I may have to check out this book.

Well that comment and an article I read today started me thinking about today’s Tony and 20-year-old Tony Continue reading

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I can always tell when I am working away from my home office.  In the Mighty P’s Seattle office, most people have stopped asking me why I ride home from work in the rain. why I sign up for things like the RAMROD (10000 ft of combined elevation climbing) or just in general, “Why do you ride?”  I think it’s because they know if they ask these questions, I will talk their ears off.

Here in Spokane, they aren’t used to that.  So I have had many of these questions over the last 4 weeks. Yesterday, though, I read an article that supports exactly why I ride! Continue reading

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Low Rent District of Hell

Well folks, I am back in Spokane this week, and recovering from the plague I picked up last week.  This means there’s been no real cycling.  I did learn today, though, that at least in Spokane, the lady spin class instructors are MUCH tougher on the students that the guy instructors!  I did almost once again tip over the spin bike, which would have resulted in a giant yoga pant clad game of dominoes! (Spinimoes?)

But since there is no other cycling news (except wondering how many of the bobbing pony tails in the class have told their fathers “Dad!  There was a guy as old as you in class today! And he didn’t die!” ) I decided to tell a story of when I first heard the term used in the title of this post…. Continue reading

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Ok, it just got real

Long time readers of 15,000 Miles of Experiences, Adventures and Thoughts know that the name Mountainstroh was derived by my many attempts at climbing Mt Rainier.


All of which ended with me looking like this heading down while others continued up

Rainier Continue reading

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Book Review: The Wheels of Chance: A Bicycle Idyll

I read an article my friend (as well as a fellow cyclist and blogger) Sarah posted, about the history of cycling.  It discussed that time after chain driven cycles were invented, but before automobiles were invented.  These were the first glory days of cyclists, when people of all social standings would use the freedom of two wheels to travel much farther than they ever could before. ( I consider now the beginning of the second glory days)

One such person was H G Wells, famous for books such as: Time Machine, War of the Worlds and The Invisible Man.  All classic science fiction.  (I’ve read all of these and more).  Little did I know though, he was so enamored with the feelings of joy and freedom from a bike that he wrote a novel that took place entirely on bikes! Continue reading

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Easter Traditions

Michelle and I were talking today about someone we both know.  He was telling her all the things he HAD to do both tonight and tomorrow because its Easter.  All in the name of tradition.

Michelle and I have it easier.  Every Easter she makes Au Gratin taters and we just hang out together.  Its nice, and normally we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything.  But her telling me about this person reminded me of the year my almost missing Easter completely restyled in a new tradition… Continue reading

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Real Beaches

Well folks, I will tell you right now, this post has nothing to do with cycling.  Once again, a post on Facebook inspires me to share.  This one discusses the differences in Seattleites and the rest of the world.  And in this case, I would broaden it to all Pacific Northwesteners, and the real world.

The subject I am thinking of?  Going to the beach… Continue reading

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