This was a hard day…

Folks, I know there is a reason work is called work.  If it was meant to be fun all the time, it would be called fun, or Disneyland, or maybe even beer.  But nope, its called work because sometimes it just aint fun.  Today was one of the worst of those days. Continue reading

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Yet another Manlaw post…

Looking back, I know I am the way I am, in many ways, by the way I was raised.  I always treat ladies as ladies.  Even the ones that are good friends and I flip crap to everyday, I will hold the door and tell them when they look nice.  I also make sure, even if they can do it, to offer to carry heavy stuff at work, or anywhere else.  It’s what guys do, its Manlaw.  In my travels this weekend, I saw a few breaches in Manlaw, and one classic example of adhering to it. Continue reading

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It’s not selfish, its living

Once again, I must give credit for this post to a blogger buddy, this time Baz the Landy. He did a post recently about his training for an 8000 meter peak, and whether he was being selfish at all with all the time needed to train for this, and eventually putting himself in potential peril during the climb.

I have had this discussion MANY times over the years… Continue reading

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The Faster you go, the more boring the trip…

So there I was last week, reading a sci fi book about some space traveling cowboys (ok they weren’t really cowboys, it’s what I use instead of space traveling people).  One of them was lamenting about how bored he was.  They’d been cooped up in the space ship, going faster than the speed of light, for 450 days .   His buddy responded, “Isn’t it strange that the faster you are traveling, the more boring the trip is?

I actually stopped and reread this a few times, cuz it got me thinking…. Continue reading

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What a CRAPPY morning!

Today was not normal.  You see. usually I annoy people because I am a morning person.  Though I love sleeping in and snuggling up to Michelle, once out of bed I usually hit the floor running.  I whistle in the hallways, and drive the caffeine deprived nuts until they get their coffee.  Yes normally mornings are my happy place!  But not today… Continue reading

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Today the jerks were out in force!

Anyone who read yesterdays post knows my Saturday was shot.  Working the winery is a blast, but it does tend to kill the day.  That meant everything that needed to get done this weekend, got done Sunday… Continue reading

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I am a tired cowboy

Yesterday was one helluvan active day.  Nope I didn’t get out on the bike, nor did I go for a walk or a run.  Nope yesterday I was a volunteer worker at our winery, Dusted Valley.



Now, I know you are wondering how can THAT be tiring….   Continue reading

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