Nature Surprise

I have quite a few different routes that I travel when I ride. I have the Lake Washington Loop, The Half lake loop, my regular 40 (a 40 mile loop through Everett and over to Woodinville) and the Seattle loop. (Some of these are my names, so you won’t find them on Google. The Lake Washington loop is real though!)

All of these routes listed have one thing in common: At some point I am on the Burke-Gilman/Sammamish River trail. Continue reading

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Candy Corn Mystery

There are many mysteries in the Pacific Northwest. There is the whereabouts of D B Cooper. Whether or not Sasquatch (Bigfoot to the non northwestern folks) is real. And what did the pilot see around Mt Rainier back in the 40s that lead to the first use of the term Flying Saucers?

All these are questions that we ponder on a regular basis. But there is one, more mysterious than all of these put together. One that has stumped me for years, and yet continues to happen: Who the HELL keeps sending me candy corn stuff!?! Continue reading

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Tired of this election cycle!

The Mountainstroh blog is almost 4 years old. In that time, I have done only 2 posts that I consider political. Both of them involved a representative from my state (Washington) who believed that cyclists pollute the environment due to the CO2 they exhale when they ride. The harder we ride, the harder we breathe and the more we pollute…  (Dumbass!)

I made the decision NOT to use the power of my blog (Yes you may giggle) for this election. Rest easy, I am sticking to that plan…. Continue reading

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The Storm that wasn’t!

For most of the last 25 years I have worked at the Mighty P. It is a personal lines insurance (meaning we have car, house and boat  insurance for people) company that writes policies in Washington and Oregon.

I am also a science geek, I think anything mother nature can do is simply amazing. So, when you combine science geek and insurance nerd, the news that a potentially historic storm was bearing down on us peaks my interest! Continue reading

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Time to sneak in rides

There comes a time every year here in Seattle when the seasons start to change. I know, I know, many people outside of Seattle think the weather always looks like this


And to be truthful, it looked a lot like this not an hour ago!

But it is not always like this.. Continue reading

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Oregon Coast 2016 ride musings

Well, I just completed my first full week of work since coming back from the bike ride. It wasn’t easy. It honestly is just not as much fun to work 5 days in a row in an office than it is to ride 8 days in a row (Yes I know this is shocking!) . I found it hard to focus at times, as my mind would wonder back to the days on the road. So for this post, I thought I’d capture some of the musings. It may be a bit ramble, and the funny stuff might only be funny to me, but here we go… Continue reading

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Was it too soon to ride almost 60 miles…

I was hanging out and cleaning up my Yahoo email when we got back from Oregon last week. There was one from Cascade Bike Club letting me know:

  1. The upcoming Sunday was the Kitsap Color Classic ride
  2. Due to some glitch on their side, the cost was going to still be $25 until midnight.

The ferry drops you at the green dot and the ride has a 25 mile loop, a 32 mile loop, or you can combine them for a 57 mile loop.


In my head the wheels were turning… Continue reading

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Food Makes the Legs Go Round, part 2

Yesterday, I took the chance to rave (and complain a little) about some great breakfasts I had along the Oregon Coast. The 50 mile omelets did a great job getting me on the road, up and over the hillsimg_3313and to our final destination. There is only one problem with this, after 50 miles the 50 mile omelet wears off and you get hungry again! The ladies soon learned that after we got to the hotel and showered it was time to feed us NOW! Continue reading

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Food makes the legs go round

As we rode along the Oregon Coast, Rob and I saw some amazing sights. Whales swimming, waves crashing, gorgeous trees and great beaches. Most of the stops along the way were due to me wanting to take year another photo.


However, there were other things I truly enjoyed, the food!  Continue reading

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Our turn to be support crew!

Anyone who has been following me for the last week knows that during the ride on the Oregon coast, we had the best support crew ever! Michelle and Kim took very good care of us!


On Sunday, it was time for Rob and I to give back! Continue reading

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