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Errands and Bikes DO Mix!

It is damn hard to find time to work out!  Work, commute, errands, chores, house cleaning, doctors, parents, kids, yard work, homework, friends, and any number of other things seem to take priority over any chance at working out.  Not … Continue reading

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Buying Your Bike!

Ok, there are some things that I am picky about.  Mac & Cheese should be Kraft, Cheddar Cheese –Tillamook, Jam – Smuckers, and only creamy peanut butter (either Jif or Skippy is ok), I HATE chunky!  I tell you this … Continue reading

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Riding Inside when the Weather is BAD!

As we know, I live near Seattle WA.  During the winter, the weather is not ALWAYS conducive to riding outside.  Add to that, during the weekdays I leave before the sun comes up and frequently don’t get home until it … Continue reading

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Chilly Hilly 2013

Chilly Hilly With Chilly February weather and 2,675 feet of Hilly climbing, the name says it all! Chilly Hilly has been kicking off the cycling season in the Northwest on the last Sunday in February for the past 40 … Continue reading

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So why should you ride a bike for exercise?

I was wondering where I should go and what I should talk about first on here.  As I said this is entirely new to me, so I am making it up as I go along.  Luckily, this early on, only … Continue reading

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1/27/13 Workout

I have been struggling to get to ride outside lately.  I get home after dark and the roads have been too icy.  Today however, I got up early!  The rain hadn’t hit yet, so I jumped in the saddle and … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong

So we all know what has happened with Lance.  Here is Facebook post I made right after the announcement. So, I find myself a bit torn.  Lance cheating with doping and ARod (or any baseball player for that matter) I … Continue reading

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Welcome! First off a warning.  I am a bike rider NOT a blogger!  I make no guarantees on spelling, punctuation, or if it posts or not!  However I will do my best! So, why a blog: Recently, 2 ladies at work … Continue reading

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