Lance Armstrong

So we all know what has happened with Lance.  Here is Facebook post I made right after the announcement.

So, I find myself a bit torn.  Lance cheating with doping and ARod (or any baseball player for that matter) I consider ARod and company the scum of the Earth, while I think Lance is still a stud.  Why I ask myself. I think it’s the sport and purpose behind it.  ARod did it so he could get a quarter billion dollar contract, for himself. and ditch Seattle.  I grew up thinking, and still think (thou…gh I may be wrong) that the majority of baseball players are drug free.  ARod and company joined a sport that is a clean sport in my mind. Lance joined a sport where people are surprised when a winner isn’t doping.  A sport where other teams will do anything to keep an American from winning the Tour.  A sport where millions are spent to get the bike your rider has to be the tiniest fraction better than any other.  And they do the same for the riders.  He played the same game the others did, and kicked their asses 7 times.  He then took the money (though he himself prospered, no question) and started a foundation to help others with cancer.  No one made him do it, it was the right thing to do.  Finally, give me a glove, and I could play outfield for a baseball team, and we could potentially win, and I might even be a contributor with catching a flyball or two.  Given a bike, no matter how much I “dope” and y’all know I bike more than almost any of my friends on here, there is NO way I would even be able to keep sight of the rest of my team, let alone win. So did he cheat, yep, did he lie, yep, but I just have to accept that even though ARod is scum in my mind, Lance is still a biking stud that beat the Euro elite 7 times! Stepping off my soap box.

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