First off a warning.  I am a bike rider NOT a blogger!  I make no guarantees on spelling, punctuation, or if it posts or not!  However I will do my best!

So, why a blog:

Recently, 2 ladies at work have decided to buy bikes and start using them to get into shape.  They have a goal of riding the Seattle to Portland ride in July of this year.  While they were looking for a bike AND now that they have one, it turns out I have been able to help them with some pretty good advice.  How do I know its good?  Because they don’t avoid me, hide from me, or do anything possible NOT to bring up the subject of bikes around me.  In fact, they continue to ask questions and let me know about their training!

So I said to myself, if I can help them, maybe I can help others! Hence the blog.

So why this title:

In 2006 I gave up the fight, after 4 attempts, to climb Mt Rainier.  14410 of big assed mountain is just too big for me.  My body shuts down at 12,500.  However, I am deathly afraid of becoming old, fat and flabby.  I needed something else to concentrate on.  At Christmas of that year, I bought my bike.  A brand new Specialized Tri-Cross.  Last summer, I hit 10000 miles! In pedalling those miles, I learned a lot, mostly on my own. Now I want to share.

I am no expert, just some guy who rides.  I am also not a spandex clad, team matching, fast as the wind intimidator of new riders.  I ride my own speed, I ride alone, and there has never been a route, so far, that I have not finished.

Hopefully I will not bore people, and someone, somewhere will actually read this!  If not, hey, at least I had fun

So once again, WELCOME!


Halfway through my bike tour of the Oregon coast.
Halfway through my bike tour of the Oregon coast.

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