So why should you ride a bike for exercise?

I was wondering where I should go and what I should talk about first on here.  As I said this is entirely new to me, so I am making it up as I go along.  Luckily, this early on, only my gorgeous wife is following me, so if I look silly, she is used to it.

I finally decided the best place to start is to talk about WHY someone should choose to start biking.  I won’t go into the benefits of exercising in general, since anyone who is at the point of reading these posts knows it’s important to get the body up and moving.

I want to explain why one should choose the bike over of running, swimming, race walking or even Zumba!

First let’s cover the boring parts.  This is VERY low impact.  I have seen people well into their 70s and 80s riding on the routes I go.  Sadly, some of them pass my butt.  Some of these older folks are NOT slow!  Luckily I have no self esteem issues!  For those with a long flat biking/walking trail nearby, it is a great way to start getting the heart moving.  In addition, most of us, at one time or another when we were kids, had a bike and enjoyed it.  The phrase “It’s like riding a bike” is true.  It comes back quick and soon you will be as comfortable as you ever were!

Now for things that are more fun.  The part I like the best is my work out starts the minute I leave my house and does not end until I am back putting the bike in the shed.  This maximizes the exercise time.  Add to this, you can combine exercise with errands!  I have used the bike to drop off the dry cleaning (though I haven’t figured out how to do the pick up yet!), gone grocery shopping, doctor appointments, commuted home from work, Christmas shopping and even better yet Christmas returns.

The day after Christmas I bypassed gridlock in the mall parking lot, biked right up to the entrance, returned the items and was on my way home before some cars were anywhere near getting a space!

My favorite errand is a run to our favorite winery.  Woodinville, the wine Mecca of Western Washington is not too far away.  A trip to Dusted Valley tasting room and back is a 25 mile round trip.  A perfect training run for my longer rides and a reward for when I was done.

Now seriously, have you ever seen someone Zumba their way to the store?  Jog to the mall for shopping?  Racewalk home with groceries?  AND it saves you money in gas!

With the purchase of bike trainers (which are MUCH less than treadmills) it can be a year round activity.

Add to it, again with the right equipment, you can pull along your kids or even your dogs in a pull behind trailer!

Now the best part.  You can even rest while working out!  What other exercise allows you to use gravity in your favor.  Drag your bottom to the top of a hill, and you FLY down the other side without moving your legs once.  This is no exaggeration, I once had a 20 mile down hill run!  LOVED IT!

As you get more proficient, there is even the option of bike touring.  On a bike you can pull over for a view SO much easier than in a car, but we’ll talk about that later.

So in short, biking isn’t just a drudgery, it’s fun and can make your life easier in the long run!  Welcome to the land of two wheels!

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