Riding Inside when the Weather is BAD!

As we know, I live near Seattle WA.  During the winter, the weather is not ALWAYS conducive to riding outside.  Add to that, during the weekdays I leave before the sun comes up and frequently don’t get home until it after it goes down.  If I wait to ride on the weekends I frequently get rained out, or the roads are too icy!

But I need to train more regularly than the weekends I despise the gym and exercise Cycles. (Though when traveling for work I force myself to ride one before I get the free wine at the hotel!) I needed a way to train indoors.  Then I remembered a buddy in college who had dreams of riding professionally.  He had this contraption that looked like the rollers you would see in an assembly line, and he would ride his bike on top of it.  The only thing holding him up was the pedaling he did, just like on the road.  However there is no coasting or downhill.  If you ride for an hour you pedal for an hour!  I love it.  AND since I am riding the whole time, I count it in my official miles total.

I went in search of, and finally, at REI I found one!  The CycleOps aluminum rollers.  http://www.cycleops.com/en/products/rollers/aluminum-roller.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage_images.tpl&product_id=223&category_id=6


The back tires go on the back two rollers and the front on the front.  It folds in half for storage!  I ride it in the shed while watching DVDs on the portable player!  Warm, dry, no wind, lights!  Perfect!

WARNING!  This one is dangerous though.  My worst wrecks at not on the road, but indoors.  I have cut my hand on a saw hanging on the wall close to the ride (the saw is moved now) and I have assorted scars on other parts of the body from hitting different garden utensils.  The directions recommend you start using this while in a doorway, and I wish I had!  (but I am stubborn and didn’t read these directions until after the fall!)

There are other trainers that support the bikes for you and all you have to do it pedal, but my preference is for this one.  Its pedal or fall!  It helps on road riding when you have a narrow shoulder, and it just feels like you are riding.  DON’T get too engrossed in the movie though!  I fell off twice while watching the Avengers because I forgot to keep track of the front tire!  Rode 10 miles on this last night and will do the same tomorrow! (Gave blood today so it’s not a good idea to ride tonight!)

4 thoughts on “Riding Inside when the Weather is BAD!

  1. T! You are THE MAN! I have been riding a set of McLain rollers since 1990. I LOVE THEM! Anything else is just plain SISSY!

    Mine are in the diningroom though, where it is warm and close to the fridge.

    I keep them close to the wall so I can feel my position with my elbow. Keeps my falls to a minimum, especially when watching movies.

    Res Firma Mitescere Nescit!

  2. Excellent placement with the fridge! I can see how that would help, I have a workbench in the shed for just the same reason. I use the shed since I come off the roillers DRIPPING with sweat, so the outside walk helps before coming back to the house!

    Happy to finally meet someone else who knows the rollers!

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