Rackin Up the Miles: January 2013

I am trying to break a couple of annoying patterns in my riding.  Every year I sign up for a big ride.  This means I need to train to get ready for it.  That’s the good part.  The annoying part is that I have trouble gearing up and starting to ride in January.  It’s raining, or flippin cold, or I am busy or I will “ride tomorrow”.  So then the end of the month shows up, I am hurtin for total miles.

I eventually get the riding going, and build up the miles I need, but it takes a while.  I then kick myself for slacking early in the season.  I am always ready when my big ride shows up, but I always worry that I haven’t ridden enough and I won’t be able to finish.

The second thing I do is I slack off WAY too much after the ride of the year.  There is nothing wrong with taking time off to celebrate.  I, however, take too MUCH time off and start quickly losing the muscle and condition I’ve worked so hard for! I don’t have to do the longer rides after the event, but I should ride as often.  It hasn’t happened in the past.  It’s entirely too easy to sit on the couch.

This year, I am hoping to break both patterns.  And I am happy to say so far so good!  Here it is the end of January, and I have traveled (indoors and out) 207 miles!  I know I have done 207 in one day in the past (STP 2012).  But I have never done 200 this early in the year!  I am VERY happy with this!  And since I am hoping to do the RAMROD this year, I feel like I am on track.  I also think, since I am sharing my journey and stories with yall, you will keep me on track!

I’ll work on the other half of the year when it gets here!  Keep me on task people!

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