Rewarding Yourself for Riding

I’ve already discussed why I think riding is a better exercise option than Jogging, going to the gym or even Zumba! The best reason, for riding though, is that its supposed to be fun. If this is the right thing for you, then instead of feeling like “I HAVE to ride” you will think “Cool I GET to ride today!”

How do you get to this point, make the ride rewarding, or reward yourself for the ride. These are two different things to me.


This means that at the during the ride, at the end of the ride or both you reward yourself with something you might not normally do. When I was riding the Oregon Coast there were a few things that stand out as far as rewards go. One was a mushroom Swiss Burger and 2 pints of Brutal Bitter at Rogue Ales in Newport (I will say it was a bit harder to pedal after. Good thing there was only 20 miles to go)

Newport OR
Newport OR

Then there was stopping at Bears Cookie Den at Seal Rock for a half-dozen chocolate chip cookies.


Or walking into Abby’s Pizza in Coos Bay to order a large pizza and a pitcher of beer. I asked for one glass and the lady just looked at me weird, but it was a 70 mile, VERY hilly day. I earned it!

It can be small things as well. I love spice drops and cheap jelly beans. I can pound a bag in a day all by myself! On a long ride, I can chow all I want on them! If there is a particularly tough hill, I promise myself a rest and snack on top. You are working hard, you deserve the reward.

My favorite reward is one I have mentioned before. Riding to my favorite winery Dusted Valley.


It is a 25 mile round trip from my front door to the tasting room in Woodinville. Or, if I add 2 miles to my 40 mile training route, I can swing by as well. I can show up, refill the water bottles, taste the wine on the bar for free (since I am a member of the Stained Tooth Society, the DV wine club) and then bring home a bottle or 2 for dinner! This is the label of one of my favorite Reds! (ask me offline and I will tell you what BFM means, this is a family blog) Nothing wraps up a great riding day like good wine, and the have the BEST!


This is a ride that is more than an exercise or training ride. This is a ride you are taking to see what there is to see. The OR coast was perfect for this, but here in Seattle, Vashon, Bainbridge, Whidbey, Port Townsend, Mt Rainier, and SO many others are just beautiful rides. On a bike you can pull over ANYWHERE to take a picture. You can see birds or other wild animals and not scare them off like a car (I saw a HUGE red fox in Point Defiance once, Elk and deer, Sea lions and gray whales! More on this in another post)

Take your camera and share the pics with others to see what you have seen. Share your stories of sunrises and sunsets and rainbows. I will add a page soon of places I have seen but here are some to give you an idea of what I mean. If you seen anything like these from the back of a bike, that is its own reward!

Mt St Helens
Mt St Helens
Skykomish River
Skykomish River
Yaquina Head Light House, Newport
Yaquina Head Light House, Newport

3 thoughts on “Rewarding Yourself for Riding

  1. Good photos Tony. I’d have to say that the scenery would be at the top of the list… especially when comparing with a workout at a gym. One question though… How far do you have to ride to burn off a mushroom Swiss Burger and 2 pints of Brutal Bitter??

    1. Dave I can answer that. I don’t do calories, but I do weight watcher food points, and activity points. Averaging 12mph, I generate 10 activity points an hour. So roughly I have to ride 5 hours to burn off the beer and burger. Since ere were a lot of fries as well, closer to 7 hours!

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