Reviewing: You Might Be A Cyclist If… By Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie

I have read many of the books by the Metal Cowboy (and I will let you read some of his other books to learn how he got this name!) and all have been extremely enjoyable.  This one was a surprise gift from a good friend.  I hadn’t seen You Might Be A Cyclist If… before, so I was VERY excited to read it.


 If you have ever heard Jeff Foxworthy’s routine of “You Might Be A Redneck” then you understand the premise of this book.

Well, even though I have a few redneck tendencies, most of Jeff’s lines, though funny, don’t directly relate to me.  Joe, on the other hand, hits the mark with me on damn near every one of his entries.  The book is an extremely fast read.  I blowed through it the first time in under 30 minutes.  Think of it as a Desk Top Pad Calendar in book form.  But notice I said the first time through.  Since then I have picked it up time and time again just to open and leaf through a few entries.  Makes me smile and giggle every time!!

A sample you say? Well I don’t think Joe would mind.  Page 46, “You Might Be A Cyclist If… Your biker tan is so jarring, parents scoop up their children when you enter the pool.”  I laughed till I almost cried!  Why?  because when I took my 14-year-old to the water park last year, he was shocked and embarrassed by the biker tan!  I swear the sale of sunglasses increased 100% due to the glare off my white back!

I highly recommend this book for anyone who rides.  Some will ring clear immediately, some may not until it happens to you and then you will remember it!  No matter what though, there will be laughs heard from those who read it!

5 Stars!  And you can buy it, from Joe himself, with an autograph at no extra charge, at

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