At least I know someone else thinks like I do!

All I want is a straight answer

I am and always will be a cycling fan.

It’s simple really, I have cycled for years, I raced for some of that time in a very amateurish way and I love the sport. But what really racks me off is the way that the sport has been branded a cheating one.

Now I have always admired Lance Armstrong for what he did, 7 times winner of the tour, world champion before his cancer and of course the ultimate, a survivor of cancer. But the point is he is not just a survivor, he is someone who went on to be the best. But now he says he cheated.

Ok, I personally don’t mind, so he took drugs but so did the competition he was racing against and if you watched any of those Tours they were fantastic, exciting clashes in the mountains, time trials with everything to play for…

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