Cascade Bike Club 2013 Bike Swap

Cascade held their annual bike swap Sunday.  I, along with my wife who HATES crowds and bike swaps, but loves, and about a thousand of my closest acquaintances, converged on the Seattle Center Exhibition hall to see what we could get for cheap! 🙂  The downside for a new biker is the lack or time and professional advice, the upside is saving money.  It’s a tradeoff, but it was fun!


As you can see, there was no lacking for stuff or people!  It was a busy day for me, so I had to make it a quick round.  But like I said I didn’t need anything.  There was every component I had ever heard of, and some I hadn’t EVER seen before.  Bikes ranging from kids trikes to classic lever shift 10 speeds to some of the most sophisticated bikes I’ve ever seen.

Backs, panniers and tools, anything a biker could ask!

Well given all this, there is no way I could get out without buying SOMETHING!  So what did I come out with?

Swap Meet 2013
Swap Meet 2013

A Specialized bike jersey, high pressure mini-pump and a multi bike tool.  Hex wrenches, screw driver, bottle opener, and chain breaker.  it all fits together into one!  All for under $45.

My friend Liz spent less than $60 for a 4 bike Thule rack, jersey and pump, Amanda a Jersey and coat.  Great day, and great values.  Worth the $5 admission fee!

I have to say though, I had to stop and consider what you see in the picture below.  A hedge against layoffs?  A dream to live in Key West?  Or just money on the side?  Oh well its fun to think about!

A way to make extra money, or make the college kid earn his keep?
A way to make extra money, or make the college kid earn his keep?


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