Cascade Bike Club 2013 Bike Swap

Cascade held their annual bike swap Sunday.  I, along with my wife who HATES crowds and bike swaps, but loves, and about a thousand of my closest acquaintances, converged on the Seattle Center Exhibition hall to see what we could get for cheap! 🙂  The downside for a new biker is the lack or time and professional advice, the upside is saving money.  It’s a tradeoff, but it was fun!


As you can see, there was no lacking for stuff or people!  It was a busy day for me, so I had to make it a quick round.  But like I said I didn’t need anything.  There was every component I had ever heard of, and some I hadn’t EVER seen before.  Bikes ranging from kids trikes to classic lever shift 10 speeds to some of the most sophisticated bikes I’ve ever seen.

Backs, panniers and tools, anything a biker could ask!

Well given all this, there is no way I could get out without buying SOMETHING!  So what did I come out with?

Swap Meet 2013
Swap Meet 2013

A Specialized bike jersey, high pressure mini-pump and a multi bike tool.  Hex wrenches, screw driver, bottle opener, and chain breaker.  it all fits together into one!  All for under $45.

My friend Liz spent less than $60 for a 4 bike Thule rack, jersey and pump, Amanda a Jersey and coat.  Great day, and great values.  Worth the $5 admission fee!

I have to say though, I had to stop and consider what you see in the picture below.  A hedge against layoffs?  A dream to live in Key West?  Or just money on the side?  Oh well its fun to think about!

A way to make extra money, or make the college kid earn his keep?
A way to make extra money, or make the college kid earn his keep?


2 thoughts on “Cascade Bike Club 2013 Bike Swap

  1. We hate crowds too but would totally go, that looks AWESOME!

    How much was that bike at the end? Riding people around in key west really doesn’t sound too bad…

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