Mud Sweat and Gears


The complete title is: “Mud, Sweat and Gears: A Rowdy Family Bike Adventure Across Canada on Seven Wheels” By Joe Kurmaskie with footnotes provided by his gorgeous wife Beth.

Folks, I have read all of Joe’s previous books, I have seen him speak in person, and I follow him on Facebook almost everyday, but I have to tell you, this book truly impressed me.  It was MUCH more than I expected.  I was ready for trials and tribulations as he pedaled across Canada.  Yep got it.  I was ready to laugh out loud at the antics of 4 male children (I am counting Joe in this number, just as my wife counts me as one of the kids)  Check!  in fact, it made me laugh loudly on a plane flight, loud enough that I thought the flight attendant was starting to think I had been drinking.  Shoot I was even ready to feel sorry for his wife! (Surprisingly I didn’t!)

What I wasn’t prepared for, and being the cold and callous type it surprised me how much it affected me, was learning exactly how much Joe loves both his wife and his mom.  Interspaced between light saber battles, animal sightings, speedo clad Irishmen and rutting elk, Joe tells the story of his and Beth’s falling in love.  Even my icicle heart melted a bit.  Then add to his relationship with his mom, hell it made me want to call mine.

Finally,  Beth’s footnotes gives us an insight to the “poor” woman’s life awash is testosterone!  Not only is she a saint to have married and stuck with him, she is hilarious in her own right!

Combine all this with Joe’s story telling skills, and this book will make you want to hug your kids, kiss your wife, take mom to dinner and ride across country ALL at the same time.  I knew before this book that he was one helluva writer, but he out did himself with this one!

5 Stars to the Metal Cowboy!

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