I HATE the Gym

I say this, because, as we all know, sometimes weather or darkness keeps us being able to ride. I used to have a gym membership, but treadmills, and ellipticals are BORING.

I sometimes get stuck out of town, which means I have to use the workout room at the hotel, but otherwise, I look for other alternatives. Plus it is just good to mix up the workout some.

One of these I will do tonight. Each Tuesday the youngest and I go out to dinner, then hang at Starbucks playing cribbage or chess for a while. On the way back home I will stop in Seattle and “do stairs”.

Back in the mountain climbing days I discovered a set of stairs that go up Capitol Hill. There are 297 stairs to the top. I used to put on the 40 lb backpack and do it 10 times (Up and down counts as one). I am building up the legs again so now I only do 6 reps without a pack.

Why is this better than the gym? Boring old stairs?

Well 2 reasons:

1) its outside. Fresh air, birds, flowers, almost nature, which brings me to the second reason.

2) Because when you are outside, sometimes you find something that makes being out there worthwhile, like this!

Sundown from the top of the stairs in Seattle
Sundown from the top of the stairs in Seattle

Moral of the story, exercise sometimes has rewards you weren’t expecting! So watch for them!

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