Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder by Dave Barter


“Bloodisorearseicus”  No its is NOT a defense of dark arts spell spouted by Harry Potter.  Its the condtion experience by your nether regions when you have riden 200 miles but you only have a 100 mile butt!  And the fact that Dave coined this phrase is only one or many reasons I loved this book.  Aside from the fact that he rides on the wrong side of the road (he’s a Brit) I related to many of the things he related to us.

He was a runner until his body couldn’t do it anymore.  Check.  He is afraid of getting fat, check.  He hears about a new challenge and has to try it, and then improve on it the next time, double-check.  He is not smart enough to stay off the bike in the cold, Triple check!  He never feels like he’s trained enough for his biggest challenges….  I could go on and on, but I won’t.

The man is a an all around rider.  Mountain, single speed, touring, racing, even cyclo-cross.  When you read his stories, you can’t help but feel the true feelings he only has when on 2 wheels.  His wife must be a saint to support and put up with him as she does, but then all of us bikers better have saintly spouses! (I do!)

Most importantly though, the man is FUNNY!  It’s a easy fun read, I smiled, giggled and at times laughed out loud.  Other times I put down the book because he had captured my thoughts and feelings about riding better than I ever could, and I had to process the fact that someone else felt the same way I do.

The most meaningful chapter to me is titled “The Knowledge”.   I will leave it to you to read this one.  I plan to keep the knowledge close to me whenever I need riding inspiration.

If you like to read biking books, and like to laugh, I highly recommend this read.  In addition, I sent the author an email while reading, and he replied the next day.  A rare occurrence that made my day! I hope you like it as much as I did!

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