Do as I say NOT as I Do

My dad used to say this to me ALL the time when I was a kid. Then I remember Mr. Guglamo my Jr High Shop teacher saying the same thing while using a table saw. Just seemed unfair to me!And Yet, here I stand telling you the same thing. “Whatever do you mean Tony?” I can hear you thinking (Ok maybe what I heard was a collective “Huh?” but I thought I’d embellish a bit.

Well, the day after tomorrow is the Chilly Hilly, the first big bike ride of the year. It’s only 33 miles, but it’s 33 cold miles up some pretty good inclines. So what I tell people doing this ride for the first time is to take a break from training the week before, get a lot of rest Friday and Saturday night, and get hydrated with water and/or Gatorade. Yeah that’s what I TELL people to do…

What am I going to do? Well this week I trained hard, a 40 on Sunday and an inside ride or stairs every night except Wednesday. Ok first rule broken.

Tonight is Friday so I will be hanging out at home and relaxing at home right?


Well, no. The WSU coach Mike Leach is in town, and the diehard Cougs will be there to hear him speak, eat, and (shocking I know!) have a beer or two!

Mike Leach
Mike Leach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


OK tomorrow is Saturday! The day before I will model the correct behavior, right? Well, no, we have a wine and sushi outing planned with two of our best friends. Alexandra Nicole has there offering party and we can’t miss that.


Bottom line, I am doing everything wrong prior to the ride. HOWEVER, I have one firm rule. If I paid for it, I am going. If I am dehydrated, or even a bit hungover, its my own damn fault. It will be a Suck it Up morning, and I will be in line for the ferry at 730 AM Sunday!

I only do this, though, because I know this route and I know I can do 33 miles in my sleep if I have too. If it was a longer ride, HELL no!

Either way though, do as I SAY, NOT as I do!

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