Ain’t as Good as I Once Was!

Just as an FYI this has nothing to do with biking, but it is a follow-up to my “Do as I Say Not as I Do” post from yesterday!

I am also, by the way, Not a big country and western music fan.  One exception though, is the Tobie Keith Song “As Good as I Once Was.”  The first line of the chorus is “I aint as good as I once was, I got a few years on me now” and this by far sums up my last night.

I am a Washington State University Alumni, GO COUGS!  Last night in Seattle the Cougar Flag was flying over the waterfront for an evening with our Coach Mike Leach!


Mike Leach signing autographs at my table
Mike Leach signing autographs at my table

It was a night with over a thousand of my fellow COUGS, all having a great dinner,


a silent auction, and drinking free Miller Light or bad Merlot!  And this is where I am SO not the same as I was in my prime!  In the old days, I could have done this, gone out afterwards, closed another bar, AND ended up having breakfast at 230 AM at Denny’s!  Not anymore.  The bad Merlot and 2 deserts (yep screwed up the Tony Diet!) made me want to head home and just crash.  I was wiped.  This morning, all I wanted was Powerade and a Ham and Cheddar breakfast Sandwich from Starbucks.  Yep, a bit hungover…First time in a while!

However, before the whole heading home and sleeping, I had one helluva night!

I hung out with Butch Cougar!

Game Faces!
Game Faces!

My Autograph seeking helper!

Got a helmet autographed (with the help of a cute 20 something lady at the table who said (and I quote here) “I just had my boobs done and we unwrapped them today!”  Well using these, she got my helmet autographed by Coach Leach AND Jason Gesser!  (If I were them I would be MUCH more willing to do autographs for her than for me!)


And finally not only got to see, but to hold the Apple Cup Trophy!  Awarded to the team that wins our annual rivalry game, known as the Apple Cup,

COUGS WIN 2013 Applecup!

against the hated Fuskies! (OK the UW Huskies actually!)  Needless to say we WON this year!

Holding the Apple Cup!
Holding the Apple Cup!
Outside Sloppy Joes in Key West!
Outside Sloppy Joes in Key West!

All this while hanging out with my buddy Scott (the Mudsucker), friends since we met at WSU back in ’82 when we were freshman!

I am recovering today, and the Chilly Hilly is tomorrow, No worries there I will be back to normal tomorrow!  So while it is true, I aint as good as I once was, it is also true that I’m as good ONCE as I ever was!  Go Cougs!

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