Best Cycling Cities in the USA

This will be a quick post before heading for the office. While hanging at Starbucks I found this link in my inbox. The 10 best cities for cycling in the US, as rated by Active,com. I was happy to see Seattle made the list! If you are curious here you go!

10 Best Cycling Cities

Did your town make the list?

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Best Cycling Cities in the USA

  1. These lists are always dependent on the rating criteria used to compile them. I never use bikeshare and DC’s outstanding Bike To Work Day doesn’t compel me, either, so two of the finer points that vault my hometown to #4 don’t resonate with me. Conversely, I once spent a fantastic day riding a rented bike all over Boston and loved every minute of it, but it doesn’t make the list. To each his own, I guess.

  2. I am planning a trip to Boulder,CO this summer and one of the reason for the trip is for the cycling opportunities and doing so at altitude. We are fortunate here in Ottawa,ON to have hundreds of KMs of bike trails.

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