A New Age for Old!

Funny thing about blogging, and I am still very new at it, I never know where my next post will come from.  I have the classic spiral notebook I carry with me, and I jot down ideas from time to time that pop into my head, and I have used this list more than once.

Frequently my wife will say “You should Blog about that!” when something comes up while we are talking.  Other times though, I am either on the bike, or reading something, or talking with my wife when something happens and I say either alout or to myself “HEY, there’s my next post!”  This is what happened to me this morning.

I took off early, as usual, to avoid bad traffic, so I had my chance to hang at Starbucks.  I caught up on my Facebook, email and blog correspondence, and had my green tea (still sticking to the no coffee plan in 2013), then headed off to work.

I listen to NPR in the morning since I hate morning talk radio, and commercials.  Plus it gets the brain thinking and informed on the way to work.

NPR was doing a story on a state Senator from Wisconsin.  Discussing how he never used an elevator, even though he lives in a multi-story building, and he rides his bike 2000 miles a year.  I was instantly impressed a little, since the weather in Wisconsin is not conducive to riding all year round.

Then they added the piece that made me sit in the car and finish the story.  The State Senator they were discussing is Fred Risser.  The cowboy is 85 years old!!!  I did not transpose the numbers, and I double checked when I got home, the man is 5 years away from 90!


The reporter was huffing and puffing as they climbed stairs, while Fred (as a fellow bike rider I think he’d be ok with me calling him Fred) was chatting away and sounded like a guy in his 40s.

This man regularly jumps on his bike at lunch and cranks out a 25 mile loop around the city.  OK I don’t care what party this guy represents, if he were here in Seattle Washington State, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat!

My recent post about Pushing 50, explained how my personal measurement of when someone is “old” has changed as I have gotten older.  However, I would bet MOST of us would call an 85-year-old, an elderly man, or even an old-timer (My dad would’ve said “Old Fart”).

This man impresses the hell out of me and I can only hope to be doing a fraction of what he is doing, as well as working full-time, when I am even within spittin distance of 85!  I have always been afaid of being too old to do what I want to do, maybe it doesn’t have to be!  This guy may keep it up unitl he is over 100!

Ride it like you stole it Senator!

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