Breathing Hard is Pollution??

OK, no matter who you are, most people have a political view or views.  Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Liberal, Conservative, Communist or Green.  It could be strong or fuzzy, it could change depending on the subject being discussed.

I am good with this, and in fact I encourage it.  The more people who understand the issues (whether they agree with me or not) and have an opinion the better off we are in this nation.  (in My humble opinion)

This rant is NOT against a particular party.  This is a rant against stupid.  I do not throw that word around loosely.  This is directed at a Washington State Representative (Don’t know and don’t care what party he is in) Ed Orcutt.

First some background.  As with most states right now, my state of Washington is hurting for money.  In an effort to raise more funds for roads, one proposal is to add a $25 tax to the sale of any bike over $500.  This will help us bike riders “pay our fair share” of the road repairs.

Ok editorial digression here…  HUH???  I would be willing to bet that 90%+ of all bike riders drive cars.  This means that the VAST majority of us pay for our fair share, and more, or the roads.  In fact, since we use the bikes as much as possible for errands, and recreation, we cause LESS road wear and tear overall, so we should get a discount

Back to the reason for my blog,  A member of Cascade Bicycle Club sent an email to this cowboy (my wife refers to him as a jackass) expressing his disagreement with the new tax.

Here is a copy of the Representatives reply :


I want to make the highlight section easier to read:


The man is seriously suggesting that exercising is BAD for the environment?? Maybe we should ALL be couch potatoes?  Or maybe we should tax running shoes, tennis racquets and (forgive me please) condoms.  Because, using this man’s logic (an elected official whom we would assume (what happens when we assume boys and girls?) is more in intelligent than most) ANYtime our breathing increases we are polluting the atmosphere.

For the record I am not entirely opposed to this tax, if I see the benefits in more bike paths or lanes.  What worries me, is that this is a sampling of our elected officials.  It this cowboy is reflects the average intelligence of those in charge, we are in some SERIOUS trouble!

Hold your breath ladies and gentlemen, otherwise you too are a polluter!


7 thoughts on “Breathing Hard is Pollution??

  1. I got the same reaction when I first read this. And I thought California was desperate for money … but this is ridiculous. With this argument, then runners are creating ever more pollution because they are breathing much harder, and they are not as spread out, so the concentration of CO2 is higher in a smaller geographical area.

  2. The saying, “you cannot fix stupid”, certainly applies here. It also does not say much about the education system does it. For the most part, politicians all seem to have one post secondary degree or another and for them to make such stupid comments just baffles me.

  3. This made me so mad that I started hyperventilating until I stopped myself for environmental reasons. I would like to see any road damage that has been caused by cyclists. When I see it, I will happily pay for it.

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