You know, day-to-day, ride to ride, it’s the little things that matter. We all know that nothing is perfect all the time! I am willing to admit that some of my posts might not be as exciting or as fun as others (OK, they one or two might even be kinda boring!) That movie you have REALLY wanted to see, may not be that great. That meal you decided to splurge on, not that yummy. And not all rides are those memorable experiences we all hope for.

This being said, I like to share when I feel I have done something noteworthy. Tonight was one of those nights.


Yep, tonight the odometer on the bike hit 11000 miles!  Now I really wish I could say I hit this mark while touring the Oregon Coast, or crossing the finish line of a double century.  Hell, I wish I could say I was outside in he fresh air riding anywhere.

Nope, it was raining, already dark, and I was watching Prince Joffrey get hit with horse crap as he made his way back to the castle (Game of Thrones, Season 2 Episode 6, while riding my Cycle-ops rollers)

Now I knew I was only 7 miles from 11k, and I considered skipping my rides till this weekend.  But that would have been forcing it. Trying to make something special happen, that is not my way.   I hit the milestones when and where they happen!  I hit 9800 while on the STP last year, 10K was during a quick 20 mile run on the Burke Gilman Trail.  It is no less exciting!  I look around and I can count, probably on one hand, the people I know who have ridden this far or farther.

I honestly can not tell you any of the stories for 1000-9000.  No idea where I was when I hit those.  BUT, I can, and WILL share the overall stories of my journeys getting to where I am today.

Theres been wind, rain, snow, ice, sunburns, epic crashes, WAY too many flats, slow up hills and tear inducing downhills, rookie mistakes, and epic (at least to me) endeavors.  I have pedaled each and every mile that is on that bike, and I have at least as many left in me!

I hope Pope Francis will forgive me for stealing some of his thunder today, but I do want to thank all of you who read this for sharing it with me!



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