A Whole NEW Kind of Adventure

Well ladies and gents, today starts a brand new chapter here in Strohville! Nope, not training for a mountain for getting ready for a multi-state bike trek. No bungee jumping or sky diving. Today is the first day of a new (or is it an old) job?


Let me explain a bit. Back in 1991, I walked into a local insurance company (We’ll call it the Rockin P!) 26 years old and part of the group called (at least we called ourselves!) the young adjusters! (Ok maybe it was just me, I was a “Young Riders” (Charlie, Emilio, Kiefer, REGULATORS!!!!) fan, the rest of my group just looked at me weird, but as usual I digress!)




The Young Riders
The Young Riders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I started as a Casualty claims adjuster, investigating accidents, arguing with attorneys, and settling claims. I still remember hemming and hawing before my first phone call!


19 years later, (time flys?) after learning to handle homeowner property claims (Storms were a blast!) starting the Customer Service Department and finally ending up in the training department, the Great Recession hit. This meant we weren’t hiring as many new people, less new people, means less training, and layoffs were started. The good news, I got a helluva severance package, paid off some bills and started looking for work.


I landed at a Catholic based Health Care organization (We’ll call it the Holy P!) Those that know me personally were amazed that I wasn’t struck by lightning the first time I walked into the building! (OK, maybe I am NOT the most reverent cowboy in the world!)


That was about 2.5 years ago, and things were ok (Well maybe semi-OK) but the more things went on, the less ok it became. My department had 3 directors in less than a year. New Org charts would be produced, and my department wasn’t listed. The current director was fond of saying “Our company is Hemoraghing!” Plus, they announced my office would be closed in June of 2013, but its ok, my manager once saw a powerpoint presentation that said “we were ok….”


Well long story short (sure….) I ran into a manager from the old company that told me there was an opening, and that “I was going to go home and apply immediately!” Low and behold, after applying, interviewing, and showing I could still teach, I was offered a job!


Why, pray tell, would I go back, there was already one layoff? Well, I’ll tell ya. First off my department is now a fraction of the size it was before, we were WAY to big. Second, this role is a better fit for my talents. I’m a teacher. I do best in front of a class. (Hell I could teach eskimo how to hunt seals if you gave me some prep time!), it’s closer to home, my wife and I can commute together, AND, when things settle down, I will be able to bike commute from time to time! (Ok more money doesn’t hurt either!)


So, now that you are up to date, today is the first day. I am due at work at 830 today (hoping for a 7 or 730 start time in the near future) so I am hanging out Starbucks having green tea and breakfast. The strange part? I know most of the people in the entire building. I know the group I will be training (hell I’ve either trained or worked with 75% of them) and I know the culture. But, given all that, I am nervous!


Normally I am cocky as can be, and I go in guns ablazin’. For some reason, I am worried about saying or doing the wrong thing from the get go. I am sure I am just over thinking things, but it’s the same felling I have before my big rides of the year, or looking up at a big mountain. I am going to be walking into the building in about an hour, no longer so young (almost 22 years later). I’ve already been told people are looking forward to my return, and my gorgeous wife (met her there) works in another department. All of these are pluses! So lets hope somewhere in the next hour I can channel my inner Emilio Estivez, and go in yelling (at least in my head) “REGULATORS!”


I’ll let y’all know later how this new adventure turns out!


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