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Well, keeping with the theme from yesterday about using the iPod while working out, I thought I’d take a second to discuss what makes (to me) a good playlist for working out.




ipod shuffle loja online leilao
ipod shuffle loja online leilao (Photo credit: sucelloleiloes)


A word of caution here, I never really left the 1980s when it comes to music, which does result in my receiving a lot of grief from friends. One refers to my iPod as the “8-track playing machine”. (For those of you much younger than me, google 8 track tapes to figure out what the hell I am talking about.). But hey, as long as I enjoy the music who cares!




So what do I look for in music? I like fast moving, decent beat, fun to sing along, and just plain fun. I won’t go over everything on my playlist, but here are some highlights!




Bon Jovi! “You Give Love a Bad Name”. “Livin on a Prayer” etc. You can’t help but ride harder, or run faster with Bob Jovi in your ears! Shoot when I needed a good round back when I threw darts, “Wanted Dead or Alive” always came through!




Kenny Loggins “Dangerzone!” Talk to me Goose!!! Tog Gun! Back before Tom Cruise was weird. This song has gotten me through many things! Major snow storms in moutain passes, studying for finals, and the last 30 miles of the STP!




Grand Funk Railroad “We’re an American Band” this one is just plain fun. Music starts a pumpin, and so do the legs.




From the movie Footloose, “I need a Hero!” I don’t know what it is about this one, but, I remember my short-lived aerobics phase in college. I was about to die in class, then this came on, and I got my second wind! Still works now!




A bit more recent Jimmy Buffett’s “Surfing in a Hurricane”. I love this song, just inspires you to go out and have an adventure.




Jimmy Buffett Boat Donation
Jimmy Buffett Boat Donation (Photo credit: USFWS/Southeast)


And my foray into the new century, Rev Theory‘s “Hell Yeah!” No idea where or how I found this song, but it’s a perfect workout tune!




Journey, Van Halen, John Parr, Lover Boy (“The Kid is Hot Tonight!”) Charlie Daniels Band and Alabama. All of these and more help get my butt off the chair and out in the real world. I had this cranked last night while doing stairs!




What’s on your playlist that you would recommend for me?




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  1. I actually find that music slows me down when I run or work out. Not sure why but it does. Maybe I spend too much time listening to the words. Also, I am pretty sure I am tone deaf.

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