Dividend Shopping Day!

So, as I mentioned, I started a new job with my previous company this week.  I like the company, and I have enjoyed the heck out of people saying “Hi!” to me in passing, then stopping dead in their tracks, turning around and yelling “HEYYYYYY!!!  You’re Back!”  One guy asked “Did you leave?”  “Nope” said I was just lying low!”   (I left 3 years ago!)

I like the company, I like the commute and the job.  I love the fact that I am able to commute with my wife, and sneak kisses in the elevator!  Yesterday, though, my favorite part was walking across the street to the REI Flagship store!

Outside REI Flagship
Outside REI Flagship (Photo credit: dmolsen)

Yep, like I posted earlier, I can walk out the front door, cross the street and walk into the loading bay dock entrance!  {Cue the angels singing Hallelujah))

Even better, for the trip, I had my dividend to spend!  $167.00!  Add to that, the most expensive item purchased was 20% off!!!!  (Be still my heart!)

Some years, I do not know what I want or need.  This year, no such problem!  My wife requested a pair of wool socks (gotta love a lady who is easy to please) While I needed bike shorts and Fingerless bike gloves.  Pretty simple.

convenient for me, the bike department is just upstairs from my entrance.  It’s almost like I planned it that way! I found my gloves first, only $26, Giro Bravo Gels.  Very comfy, and I can’t wait to try them out!  I had found a pair of shorts, even tried them on to make sure they fit, when my eyes fell on a wonder to behold!  Zoic black-market convertible Pants!  HELL YEAH!  Long pants that zip off into shorts!  I have 2 or 3 pair of hiking pants like this and I love them.  Shoot I have even taken these to Disneyland in the winter, shorts during the day, long pants when the sun went down!

These will be perfect!  In the winter time, I like long pants when its cold outside.  Now that spring is TRYING to show up, there will be mornings when it is cold, and I will start with them on, but as it warms up, I can shuck down to shorts!  I was debating whether to get warm weather pants as well, but this killed two birds with one stone!

I also picked up some cylinders to help with the next flat tire, and YEP, just in case you are curious, I picked up a pair of Merlino Wool socks!


One thing I always do is watch the person ringing up the items wherever I go.  Today, the guy behind the counter forgot my 20% off!  Luckily I caught it!  All of this together was $127!  I still have 40 bucks left to spend!

I decided that since this was lunch time, i would spoil myself a little, and enjoyed a Classic Vegie burrito and Caribbean C Smoothie from world wraps!  Damn good!

I gotta tell y’all, if there is an REI within spittin distance, and you do ANYTHING outdoors, spend the $20 to become a lifetime member!  Then you too will understand the joy of Dividend Shopping Day!

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