I Declare Today Spring!

Reading the posts of the people who follow me I am hearing about running in below freezing weather, cold rides, and the feeling that one may never thaw out.  Hell I woke of to Snow a week ago today at my house!  I was beginning to think this was a “Game of Thrones” winter which can last for years.  (For those of you who are not Sci/Fi Fantasy fans, forgive me for showing my geekness.)

Yesterday, however, made up for it.  It was one of those rare days when everything went right!

First, my wife and I decided to move our planned date night from that night to the night before.  We got some stuff done around the house, and I decided she deserved a night out now, so we headed out for dinner. (Macaroni Grill YUM!)

Second, I had meetings at the office that is literally a 5 minute commute away from our house!  Couple that with the fact that the meetings got over 15 minutes early, I was home at 4:05 PM

Thirdly, and most importantly, it was NOT raining!  In fact the sun was out!  BOOYAH!!  the first after work bike ride outside of 2103!

All of this would have made the day for me, but it got better.  It was WARM.  I peeled the helmet cover off my helmet so I could feel the wind in the hair, I wore shorts and the lightest windbreaker I own as well as my new fingerless gloves!  It felt great!  In fact, I had to shuck the coat!  A shirt sleeve ride!

I had honestly intended to take some pictures along the Burke Gilman, and Samamish River trails.  But I was feeling too good.  I had my average speed over 15 MPH, and I was feeling no pain!

That wasn’t all though!  The bike gods were smiling on me!  NO small talks or ladies smoking and talking on cell phones! (there was one in an ugly geo metro convertible, puffing away that cut me off near the end of the ride, but by then I was too happy to even flip her off!)  The little kids on bikes (and there were a couple) were straight as an arrow!

Even the animals seemed to be celebrating.  I saw a blue Heron preening itself across the river, as well as a stellar Blue jay singing (ok squawking) away!  I was looking for our resident bunnies, but no luck this time.

Finally, and this was too much to ask for, I had a tail wind for most of the trip back!!!  That NEVER happens.

We all know that sometimes working out is a chore.  Sometimes we have force ourselves to put on the running shoes, or get in the saddle to ride.  This ride, however, is one of those that reminded me why I started riding, why I continue to ride after so many miles, and why I hope to ride well into the future!

Every year, there is one day and one ride that kicks off the rest of the season for me, when I know mother nature truly loves cyclist and the bike gods will work their magic for me.  I am thinking this may have been that ride!

Hell, even if it snows tomorrow, I don’t car

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