One of my top 2 pictures ever!


I love this picture. It was taken as my group approached the Denali Base Camp area. In essence, ski planes took off and the had to take a hard left through “One Shot Pass”. Aptly names, cuz you only have one shot to make it. Otherwise you smack into Mt Foraker.

I was looking for another pic, and found this one so I wanted to share. Another day I will share the other “best pic”

4 thoughts on “One of my top 2 pictures ever!

  1. Fantastic! Of course, this only strengthens my desire to see Alaska with my own eyes. You must have been having one hell of an adventure when you shot this?

    1. Pal I was surrounded by mountains bigger than Mt Rainier. I jumped into and fell into a crevasse, and the ski plane flight was amzing! I got some killer pictures. I want to go back sometime!

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