One of my top 2 pictures ever!


I love this picture. It was taken as my group approached the Denali Base Camp area. In essence, ski planes took off and the had to take a hard left through “One Shot Pass”. Aptly names, cuz you only have one shot to make it. Otherwise you smack into Mt Foraker.

I was looking for another pic, and found this one so I wanted to share. Another day I will share the other “best pic”

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4 Responses to One of my top 2 pictures ever!

  1. Forrest says:

    Fantastic! Of course, this only strengthens my desire to see Alaska with my own eyes. You must have been having one hell of an adventure when you shot this?

    • Pal I was surrounded by mountains bigger than Mt Rainier. I jumped into and fell into a crevasse, and the ski plane flight was amzing! I got some killer pictures. I want to go back sometime!

  2. Forrest says:

    What are the chances you could be talked into making a post about your experience with the crevasse…?

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