Racking Up the Miles: March 2013

There is an old saying, if March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion, or the exact opposite, in like a lion out like a lamb.  This of course means whatever weather you get at the beginning of the month, you will get the opposite at the end.  Well March got confused here in the northwest.  It came in sunny, and today it ended sunny and close to (if not AT) 70!  Of course in the middle it snowed, but we will try to forget that!

This was a great biking month, I have kept my trend of improving the number of miles every month, and ended March with 323 miles! I was worried that I had somehow slacked off some, but I did the math twice!

Yesterday was Easter, and both of our sons were up for the weekend.  My gorgeous wife made an excellent frittata with roasted taters for Easter Brunch.  It was a good day.  The boys had to leave early to have Easter dinner with their mom, which meant only one thing for me: time to sneak in a longer ride!  The weather was perfect, and I again was able to ride without a coat!

I debated on what route to take.  I have a new one around Lake Washington I want to try, but I’d rather do that when I can do an early start and figure it out.  I decided it was time for my tried and true 40 mile loop!  Since I was leaving at 2, this would get me home around 5, it has great training hills, good views and, except for a short stretch, minimal traffic.  Even the stretch with traffic has a bike lane.  Perfect.

The route goes north from my house in Mountlake Terrace, along the Interurban trail to Everett.  Then west to Snohomish, South to Woodinville and then east to home.  In addition to the hills, I like it for other reasons as well.  It takes me through rural farm country with the occasional animal watching me pass



He seemed less than impressed though….

Since the route takes me through Woodinville, the wine capitol of Western Washington, I was able to make a stop at our favorite winery, Dusted Valley.



They let me refill the water bottles, use the restroom, take a quick taste or the Ramblin Rose and BFM (you’ll have to ask them what BFM stands for after you taste it, trust me it fits!).  And I was able to buy a bottle for later on 🙂  (Cinsault this time!)

Finally it was on to the Burke Gilman trail to head home.  This is seriously a multi-use trail and you NEVER know what you will see on here.  I ride it a lot but this is the first time I saw something like this


Everyone and everything was out enjoying the sun!  Well worth the 42 miles!  and sure beats having to dress like this (just 2 Sundays ago!)



Highlights for April?  The bike rack is on my wife’s car, and we commuted to work together this morning, but I am cycling home!  Thursday, if the weather holds, I will bike commute both ways, and Sunday next, my first 100 route of the new year!  Feeling good people!  I also find out about the RAMROD next week, so keep the good thoughts coming!

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