One Man’s Adventure is Another Man’s Version of Hell

I have an old friend of mine, named Steve, who is one of my staunchest supporters in whatever endeavor I choose to go on each year.  He is the first to like my statuses when I work out, and to give me a boost when I feel like I am sucking big time in my training.   Everyone should have a Steve in their corner.

That being said, Steve is also the classic example of my post here today.  There is no way in HELL I would ever get him to do the things I do.  I see them as fun and adventure, he sees pain and discomfort!

Nothing demonstrates this more than my trip to Alaska!  A few years ago, I had the opportunity to take a skiplane to Denali base camp for a week-long Glacier-Mountaineering trip.  It was beyond cool and I learned a lot!  When I got back to work, I was telling the group about it, and I mentioned the “poop pot”

AK 35  Poop pot

Yep a small barrel with a styrofoam rim (surprisingly comfortable I might add) for pooping.  A way to keep the glacier clean and pristine.  “I’m out!” was the last I heard from Steve on that matter!  To me, it was no big deal.  Climbing mountains there are many things you have to do differently (google “blue bagging” if you are curious!) so this was actually a better alternative than I was used to.

This isn’t the only thing that makes people shake their heads in dismay.  This same trip, I had a 40 lb pack and had to drag a sled with at least that same amount of weight.

AK 31Tony towing

I knew this was the plan, so I trained, just as I do now, for months in advance.  To others this seemed like the Bataan Death March, pure hell on Earth.  I loved every minute of it!  And my reward?  Made it to the top of Control Tower

AK 73 Strohs Summits

And sipped wine while waiting for my plane!

AK a122  wine at base camp

Let’s take it closer to home.  We have a close friend who thinks it is entirely too dangerous to ride on the road with traffic.  “You ride there??  Doesn’t the traffic scare you??”  Another warned me to not ride on Hwy 2 up to Stevens Pass.  “I’ll follow you with my flashers on if you want!  It’s too dangerous!” No worries at all.  I rode it no worries at all.  I just stay vigilant and watch behind me when the road narrows. the reward?


I made it to the top of Stevens Pass!  Hell Yeah!  This helped me finish the High Pass challenge!

Let’s go a step farther back.   Wine.  I will admit, back in the college days I drank Cello Lambrusco (picture alcohol infused Kool Aid).  My gorgeous wife Michelle has worked hard over the years to get me to develop a pallet for red wine.


But we have friends who will only drink white wine!  I now prefer reds (Can’t go Wrong with Dusted Valley or Ross Andrew wineries by the way!) , but there are many whites I like as well.  Finding new wineries and new wines is an adventure on its own.  In fact next month, Michelle and I are going to the Mecca of wineries in Washington State, Walla Walla for a weekend of tasting! Limiting yourself to only one or the other deprives you of so many good experiences.

I guess what I am trying to say here is this.  There may be something that you’ve decided to do.  A run, hike, climb or ride, and other people will tell you that you are nuts!  Its dangerous.  Why would you want to do that??  I am saying ignore them.  Hell, you only live once!  You can either give it your all and cross the finish line flying wheels

Drink Excellent wine


Climb a mountain

AK 70 climbing control tower

Run a river


Or you can listen to others and not try anything!  Like I said at the beginning, my buddy Steve, I firmly believe, thinks I am certifiably nuts sometimes.  But there is no better supporter of any and all my adventures.  Grab your dreams, work for your goals, who cares if friends and family tell you they’d be miserable if they even thought about trying it.  If you believe you can do it, if you get off your ass and try, if you give it all you got, then chances are, you are going to make it!

6 thoughts on “One Man’s Adventure is Another Man’s Version of Hell

    1. He’s the first to tell me good job, but that I am nuts in the same breath! What I really appreciate though, is he’s the one that tells me “yes it IS ok to take a night off, or eat something bad for you! You’ve earned it! “.

      It helps having good friends :). Tanks for the comment!

  1. This is a great post. I love how downright contagious your enthusiasm is. 🙂

    I think the ride up the western slope to Steven’s Pass was the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done on a bike, though, and I won’t do that one again. While you’re making a larger and more important point, I’ll say that I’d be a little worried about a friend doing that particular ride, too… (Oddly coming down the east slope seemed much less dangerous – slower and less traffic, more consistent shoulders, and, well, there weren’t U-hauls that day creating those weird side winds as they went by while I was descending at speed…)

  2. Chinook Pass is a WONDERFUL ride! You’re 200 % right about that! If you time it right, you can go up there before the road is open to cars, eg while they’re still clearing the east side, but while the pavement is bare, and have it all to yourself.

    1. One year I passed the snow plow on my snow shoes while they were trying to start to open it, I had the whole world to my self when I got past. I like the ride to Sunrise as well!

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