First Bike Commute to Work a Success!

Only time for a quick post today, and it’s on the iPad so please forgive any typos!

I declare my first ever bike TO work a success! Not my best choice of days, as I got home late last night after dinner with the kid, and then hitting the stairs on the way home, but I was smart and got the bike ready to go before I went to bed.

There was a chance of rain in the forecast, but the weather gods smiled on me, and I felt just a spit of moisture (maybe I made a car mad at me) about a mile from work. No worries there. Felt strong and the route was perfect even in the dark!

Things I need though if I am going to do this more often:

1. Brighter headlamp, mine is not adequate for the dark trail

2. Better panniers. If it does rain I need waterproof bags. I’ve had the ones I used for 25 years, and I’ve had to repair them twice. Time to invest.

3. Better clear glasses for night time riding. Yep, the shop safety glasses I used today worked, but totally not cool (but then when did I ever care what I looked like.) since it was dark no one could see me, so they are good for now!

All in all, felt good! 17 miles before work, and a decent weigh in day! Have a great day folks!

One thought on “First Bike Commute to Work a Success!

  1. Congrats. I find my dynamo powered hub to be the bees knees. Well worth the investment. My Jandd panniers got soaked everytime it rained, and the ortlieb classic rollers are a dream. My shop safety glasses do the trick. And I even used to wear a tinted version during the day until I found another pair of sunglasses somewhere for free!

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