How do I Know When I Haven’t Worked Out Enough?

Yesterday was weird.  I woke up and I just felt “off”.  It was Saturday, I got to sleep in, the sun was shining (even though it was BUTT cold out, and you could see the rain coming).  The kid was sleeping in, and I was hanging out with my wife.

This is usually my favorite part of the week.  One weekend day a weekend is our together, We’ve been married 3 years, and have known each other MUCH longer, and we just like hanging out together.

Today, I was off.  Not grouchy really, not mad, not sad.  Just not myself.  I was criticizing my every move, I was just off.

Michelle and I also use our mornings together to get errands done.  Safeway, pharmacy, Starbucks, Pet Store, whatever needs to be done.  While at Safeway, she started grabbing Powerade Zero for me and heard myself say “Hey don’t grab to many, I have plenty at home.”  And then it hit me.  I really did have plenty.  And that’s because I haven’t been on my bike enough in the last coupla weeks

The weather had stunk, last weekend was bitter cold, and hellawet.  I honestly could not bring myself to get outside and ride after I damn near drowned biking home from work on Thursday. I was able to bike home Monday, but otherwise life got in the way.  Had to fight with the kid about grades (and get the car jump started) family tasks came up (and that is more important that riding).  Today, errands, and making sure the kid did homework and studied.

I ride hard in the shed. But ask anyone, after a winter of riding inside, you just need to feel the wind in your face.  I can bike for hours outside, burn some serious calories and then let myself enjoy foods i wouldn’t normally east.

Which leads me to the another reason I was down on myself.  I have been eating like crap.  chocolate chip cookies, diet Mountain Dews, hell even a big assed cheese burger for dinner tonight (Oh my gawd it was good though,  Bacon infused burger, onion bun, Tillamook cheese, lipton french onion soup mix kneaded into the meat.  I did great!)

However, I am not happy with myself.  2 years ago at this time, I weighed the most I had ever had.  I worked my ass off with the right food and working out to get where I am now.  I like food, but if I am not in the saddle I need to train myself not to have it.

I am really not sure if I will get to ride today  Costco, stuff to do around the house, and the weather still sucks.  Plus I will be taking the kid home tomorrow, which is over an hour round trip.  I am going to try to bike into work Monday.  But on Tuesday, the bike goes in the shop for its annual tune up.

I won’t get it back till Saturday….  I will do stairs, and try to get downstairs to the workout room at work to hit the spin bikes, but that’s even worse than the rollers (except I will get to check out my wife on the treadmill!)

My miles in April will bottom line suck.  May will be better, hell I have at least one century in May, maybe two.  Plus the weather is improving and the days are getting longer.

I will try to be in a better mood today, the jury is still out.  But my wife doesn’t deserve a grumpy ass ruining her weekends…

So how do I know when I am not working out enough?  Not on the bike enough?  Not only am I not my normal happy self, I post a cranky blog.  Let’s hope the funk lifts soon folks.

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