Don’t Let the Bastards Win

I remember when I was a kid, and the US boycotted the Olympics.  My dad was PISSED!  He looked at me more than once that year and said “Never let the bastards win!  There is always someone in the world who’s going to hurt people, or do something bad.  If you let them scare you and keep you from doing what you would normally do, then they win!”

I thought about that a lot today.  The bastards did something that was pure  evil today.  And for the record, I hope they hunt them down and hang em high!  Preferably on TV for everyone to see!

But that’s not the point of my post today.  My point is simply this: None of the people who were hurt or killed today want you to give these bastards any satisfaction at all!.   Do NOT let them disrupt your lives!  Hell if I was in Boston, I’d be walking downtown just to spit in their faces.  Yall are NOT going to coop me up.

I am 3000 miles away though, so in my case I decided:  “To hell with the people who did this!” I could either sit and watch news people interview each other and flat make stuff up, or I could go on with my life.  I chose plan B.  It was too wet to ride outside, so I hit the shed for 16 miles of hard pedaling, while watching Keanu Reaves in the Replacements!  That movie ALWAYS makes me pedal hard, and I was able to release frustration!

I am not telling anyone to forget or move on from what happened today.  Quite the contrary, we all need to keep an eye out to keep this from happening again!   However, if we stop doing what we love out of concern, or fear, or hatred or anything else, then we let the bastards win!  A month after 9/11 I was on a plane, why, because I was damned if I was going to let them stop me.  I have been in the air on 9/11s since then, again, if I don’t they win!

If you are a biker, ride and ride well, writer?  Get out pen and paper and capture your thoughts.  A baker? Time to spoil the people at work.  For the lova gawd, if you are a runner, get your shoes laced and hit the treadmill or the road. Instead of going glossy eyed in front of a TV, or avoiding the things you love, do them so your support for the runners who were affected by this.  I will lay you odds if we got the chance to ask them they would agree whole heartedly!

They would want you to follow your passions just like they were doing today, and I will guarantee, they sure as hell would tell you “DON’T let the bastards win!!”

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  1. I was just accused for something I didn’t do. I’m not going to let those bastards win. Thanks for writing this.

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