A Question I have NEVER been asked before

In my post about crevasses (I Have to Cross What?) I mentioned that I am pushing 50 and getting too old for mountaineering stuff anymore.

Well I have a new follower, Baz the Landy, who asked me “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were???”

That stopped me dead in my tracks.  I’ve heard “You are only as old as you feel.”  “Act your age!” “I’m a kid at heart” etc, but this question got me to do some serious thinking.

What if I woke up without a memory of my date of birth AND no access to mirrors (cuz I look older than dirt in my opinion (sorry babe, my wife HATES when I say that, but I digress…)) How old would I think I am??

On any given day, I still feel like a college kid.  Somewhere in my early 20s.  I chair dance, listen to loud music, like action movies and read Dirk Pitt novels.  I ride hard, and love the outdoors, play with a yo-yo and slide down the banisters at work.  I feel strong and in shape most of the time.  Yep I am college age!

Then, there’s the mornings after a bit (or a lot) too much to drink….  (groan) I feel EVERY second of my pushing 50 + 10 more years at least….  Just do NOT bounce back after a hangover like I used to!.

Ahh, but then there are the times I zipline or go-kart or wrestle with the kids, I am their age, competing and using every trick I know to win!

But then when I have to put on the cheap Bartells readers to see the small print, I’m old enough to be a grandpa…

Mud football with the guys!  When it starts I am 18 again, full of piss and vinegar and ready to tackle people twice my size (and I do!)   When the game is over, yep I am making old man noises, so 79 at least!

Riding big bad roller coasters, sky diving or bungee jumping?  A cocky 16-year-old who needs parental permission….

Fighting with the youngest about his grades…  Yep a dad, 48, mean, crotchety and old…

Holding hands with my wife and sneaking a kiss in an elevator at work, or dropping something so I can check out her butt?  Love struck kids (and DAMN she LOOKS like I am a cradle robber! )

Helping her take care of her moms stuff (now that she is in assisted living apartment) yeah we are the responsible adults.

I channel my inner 13-year-old when someone farts. or I fart at the wrong time (I once received applause, MUCH to wife’s chagrin, from people 2 rows over in a noisy parking lot outside a winery, I do NOT mess around when it comes to gas! )

So as you see, the age I feel depends on the situation.  BUT that wasn’t the question.  The question was, how old would I tell someone I was if I didn’t know for sure….  After a day of pondering I would tell them 35!  Old enough to know better, experienced enough to know how, dumb enough to still want to, and strong enough to make it happen.

People I am NOT old, and I will keep pushing the envelope as long as this body keeps up with my mind!  There are still PLENTY of things i want to do, and I can still do them!

So, How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?

Thanks Baz!!

13 thoughts on “A Question I have NEVER been asked before

  1. I am 53, but I think I am 30 — until The Three Stooges come on — then I’m about 8. On the other hand, when I am sitting at a restaurant and I listen to the high school kids in the booth next to me I feel about 107 — I can’t understand a thing they are saying (I don’t speak Walmart).

  2. Great post. I find it hard to believe that I’m still not in my twenties (and haven’t been for quite some time!) but my attitude is definitely one of ‘you’re never too old’ though I have to admit to becoming more cautious with age(parachuting and hang gliding…never going to happen now, thank goodness for para-kiting).

  3. In my mind’s eye I am 29. Nothing is impossible and I am in the prime of my life. Occasionally, my body will send unhelpful messages to my mind, as will my eyes should they catch a glimpse of me in the mirror. But for the most part I am 29. 🙂

  4. Crikey, thanks for the call-out. and here’s the thing, you only really need an age if you are going to collect social security…otherwise, why bother?

    As an aside, my father-in-law is 99 this year, and only a few years back he was getting out his social security card so he wouldn’t miss out on the pensioner discounted entry price at a theme park we were visiting, such was his disposition that he didn’t think they would believe he was entitled to it (that, or vanity!). But that attitude has kept him young!

    He was playing golf until he was 90 years of age…(he did use a buggy in later years)

    Mind you I could easily relate to many of your comments 😉

    Cheer’s Baz, The Landy

  5. Reblogged this on Baz – The Landy (Out and About having fun) and commented:
    I have always had a view that age is merely a statistic that, seemingly, we all need to have, but only really need if we intend to collect social security.

    The question I like to ask is “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?”

    I posed this question recently to, Tony, who has a blog titled “10,000 Miles of Experiences, Adventures and Thoughts” and he wrote the following on the topic.

    I often hear terms bandied, such as “mid-life crisis” or “act your age” – but isn’t that pigeon holing yourself. My view is live life how you see fit at any time, pursue your dreams without the fear of age or what someone else thinks, holding you back.

    We’ll all die one day, but how many of us will truly live?

    Anyway, enjoy Tony’s story…

    Cheers, Baz – The Landy!

  6. Just the sort of question Baz would ask 🙂 I turn 60 this year and am trekking to Everest Base Camp in a few weeks time. Like you, some days I really feel my age but mostly I know I’m many years younger than my birth certificate tells me!!!

    1. Well said!! People look at me a bit strange at work when I lift myself up by my arms on the railing and slide down the stairwell! But if more people did it, more would feel,like us! Some day the trip to Base Camp is something I want to do as well! Enjoy!

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