Bikeless in Seattle

I know its strange, but unlike many bikers I know, I only own one bike.  I have limited space, I am a cheap bastard, and 51 weeks out of the year I only need one bike.  However, one week I end up bikeless, and that week is this week.

“Why?” you may ask?  Well, sometime in April, every year, I get a tune up on the bike.  I’ve learned to get it done in April, as its before the big rush of tune ups before the Seattle to Portland and the other summer rides that are happening.  Its also after the worst of the bad weather is done, so I avoid getting the bike all gunked up again.  Last year it just worked out well.  Michelle and I went to Key West and when we got back I was ready to roll!  This year? New job and no vacation, no dice….

“Why does it take a week?” you may also ask…  Well, remember the cheap bastard line?  When I bought the bike, I paid for the maintenance plan.  It was $125, and I get free tune ups for the life of the bike!  Sweet!!  I like free!.  However, I bought the bike in Tacoma, Old Town Bikes, when I lived 10 minutes away.  I now live almost 40 miles away.  Not near as convenient!

However, every Tuesday, My youngest, who still lives near Tacoma, and I, go out to dinner.  So its easy to drive to the bike shop, drop it off, and then get a burger at the Ram.  Then, later in the week, I pick him up to spend the weekend with us, we bring the bike as well!  No extra trips, extra gas (cheap bastard!) or time out of my day!

This time, the kid and I are going to Ocean Shores (on Washington’s Pacific Coast) tomorrow to do a beach clean up day with Washington Coastsavers.  This year they are worried about tsunami debris so it could be an interesting trip.  On the way home Saturday afternoon, we’ll stop and get it!  Perfect!

It’s not all about the money.  I also trust them.  I’ve tried other places, and every time I’ve let them do anything, they find something else…  Old Time has only done it once or twice, and each time it was for something I noticed myself.  I am surrounded by bike shops up here, but I just don’t have the same feel for them.

The crappiest part is that it is cutting down even farther on my miles this month.  My wife just read we may be on track for the wettest April ever.  This has limited my rides to  inside on the rollers more often than not! It also meant no bike commute this week!  My total miles for this month are going top be dismal!  (the one plus is I have been hitting the work out room at work with my wife this week, and I get to check her out in her work out clothes DAYAM!)

But there is hope! Next week is supposed to be gorgeous! I might be able to rebound a little at the end of the month.  Spring weather, tuned up bike, rested legs….  I’m getting twitchy just thinking about it!

But until then, I am bikeless in Seattle!


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  1. I love having two bikes. One a road bike that I am using to training for a triathlon and another mountain bike cross that I usually ride on trails or when riding with the missus.

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