Can we go for late night pizza?

Just a quick post, and sorry for any iPad typos. Te 15-year-old and I are at Ocean Shores for a beach clean up day. Traffic sucked on the way, but we stopped at dinner time for one of our faves Taco del Mar!

However, after getting here and relaxing, he chimes up with ”HEY lets get late night pizza!” I of course think “already ate, I’m comfy, sure as hell don’t need the calories of pizza at 10pm….”

But then I thought, how many more times will he WANT to go for late night pizza with me instead of the “guys” Ah what the hell!

Belined to Red Genie that was closing soon , after getting lost! And brought home a medium Tsunami pizza! Everything on it. Hell, I forgot how good pizza tastes after 10 pm!

Good thing next week will be a good one for the bike! I need some serious miles under this butt!  Time to get ready to clean a beach!

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