Go Big or Go Home

I know my wife will not be happy with me for saying this, but lately I have been unhappy with my performance on the bike.


Between the weather, schedules, bike in the shop and work in general, I honestly can’t remember my last long ride.  Now, this week, counting my ride on the rollers Sunday night, I rode hard 4 days in a row.  Wednesday I rode hard twice. (round trip to work and home)  But the rides are only 17 miles, and even though there are some good hills, and I was keeping the average speed up, I need longer rides.


Well, thanks to the encouragement of my wife (she is a great coach!) I am taking steps to rectify this,  I signed up for Phil’s Bicycle Shop’s Mayday Classic today!  104 miles from Federal Way to Carbonado and back!  The FAQ’s say this:


This is not an easy ride but it is far from the most difficult in the region. Hills can be categorized as rolling, small, moderate, and “character building.” All four types will be encountered on all three routes; we don’t even have a count on the first three types but as for the fourth; if you choose the 50 mile route you will have two “character builders,” on the 72 mile route there are three, and on the 104 mile route there are five. The 50 mile route has a cumulative vertical gain (and descent) of 1,200 feet; the 72 mile route has 2,200 feet, and the 104 mile route 4,215.


I should mention that Federal Way is near Puget Sound, and part of the ride will be at sea level in the tide flats, and Carbonado is a few miles outside Mt. Rainier National Park.  NOW we are talkin!  This is the perfect training ride to help me get ready for the Crater Lake Century, and a great way to start out May (cuz my April mileage total is going to suck!)


I also learned about Phil’s Hill today, again from the FAQs:


What Is “Phil’s Hill”?
Ahhh yes, a May Day Classic and a “Character Builder” all in one! Phil’s Hill is a lovely little {yet feels big} secret one way road with super sweet new pavement {58th Pl S.} that comes UP from the Algona Pacific area to the heights of Military Road and 5 Mile Lake {approx elev at the top a whopping 465 ft}. It is a .7 mile climb with a vertical gain of 385 feet and an average grade of 7 .7 degrees. Some also call it “Little Italy” because the narrow winding road may remind one of the Pyrenees and its spectacular scenery. The reason this little hill gets your attention is you have been pedaling the flats of the valley for the past 20 miles and you are only nine miles from the finish; then you round the corner and Uppy Uppy…Go! Go! Go! All routes go this way, enjoy your stay.


I’ve always said I was a good hill climber!  So its time to put my money where my mouth is!  Best part about the ride?  It’s fully supported and only costs $20 to register!  I’ve always wanted to do this ride, and it just hasn’t worked out.  This year, the love of my life is making sure it does!


So, May looks like this:


  • Mayday Classic Century the first weekend of the month
  • Walla Walla Wine tasting the second weekend of the month
  • Reach the Beach Century the third weekend
  • All month is Bike Commute month in Washington, and I am on my team at work


Add it all together, and there should be some pretty damn good miles (and Wine!) next month.  I will hopefully make up for the lack there of this month.


Thanks babe for telling me to “Just do it!”  Love you!


English: A photo of Mount Rainier taken from P...
English: A photo of Mount Rainier taken from Paradise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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