Yep, its Official, I am Tired of the Rain this Year!



This is me, early in March, on the McClinchy mile, ready for the rain that was going to hit.  In March it’s ok, around here it is supposed to rain then!

It’s now darn near May, and even though my Northwest Action Figure brain is telling me, “You know damn well you can count on rain until July”  My cycler brain looked outside at 630, on a day I was hoping to get an early start, crank out 70 miles, then get the last of the weekend chores done, and saw it was pouring.  An F-bomb was heard echoing through my head!

In the winter time, I resign myself to riding in the shed when its raining,  SInce the only ride I have early in the year is 33 miles, that is enough training.  Shoot I can do that in my sleep.

Now however, it’s not an option.  I have 2 century rides in the next 3 weekends.  Granted, I have had my bike commuting this last week.  So at least I have saddle time.  But I can’t remember my last ride over 20 miles, let alone 50-70.

I was patting myself on the back yesterday!  Working at the winery, I looked outside and it was raining and had been for hours! Since I had debated on which day to work and which to ride, I was quite proud of myself!  It will get all the rain out of its system and be rarin to go in the morning!

Hence the early morning F-bomb!  I love the Northwest, and wouldn’t change where I lived.  I am also fine if I am on a ride and the rain starts.  “Oh well, I am already out hear, and I am going to get wet whether I turn around or not, so lets finish!”  Leaving a nice warm house with a gorgeous wife when it’s already raining…..  That’s hard!

It appears, though, that the rain is only here for the morning, and is supposed to clear this afternoon.  So OK, plan B.  First I blog and tell the world I am grouchy! (check) Then I check out my hot wife again (Double checked!) Now that those are done, time to get the chores I was going to do after the ride done now!

  • fold laundry
  • bake chicken for lunches
  • make salad to eat with my chicken
  • check out wife again

Then, hopefully, tomorrow’s post will have me smiling and happy after at least 50 miles!

If anyone knows a sundance (or even a cloudy but dry one) feel free to do so for me!

Did I mention I am tired of the rain??

One thought on “Yep, its Official, I am Tired of the Rain this Year!

  1. Men! is mad in uk! hardly over 7C, blowing like a hell and pissing time to time…. Spring been cancelled becouse of our sins ;-). Keep them rolling

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