Racking Up the Miles: April 2013



Well April is officially over!  I was able to get one last bike commute home in last night!  A little over 16 miles, and it felt good.  Considering I had my 58 miles on Sunday and this was my second commute home of the week!

This is the first month of the year that I did not exceed the previous month’s total!  It was close though.  only 8 miles separated me from March.  I ended up with 315 miles.  I actually crunched the numbers more than once when I saw that!  I was seriously surprised!

There were some contributing factors (or as some of us call them, excuses) as to why I didn’t get more miles.  The first, was the bike going to the shop.  When you only have one bike, its hard to ride when it ain’t here for a week!  The tune up was needed though, so I am very glad I got it done! (Even if there were some lingering issues!)

Second was the weather.  This was the second rainiest April on record up here!  Shoot, I was starting to worry my house was going to disappear behind my lawn!  More than one weekend was a complete rain out, and I was limited to the shed and riding on the rollers.

Finally was just the schedule in general.  Volunteering at the Winery and the Coastsavers beach clean up shot a couple of days as well….  I was seriously feeling a bit of saddle deprivation syndrome!  Even my butt callouses were starting to disappear!  NOT good when I have long rides coming.

A couple of things combined to save me though!

First, the new job!  It is close enough to bike commute!  My wife and I carpool in together, and I bike home.  I get exercise, and she doesn’t have to wait for my quitting time!   The first round trip was my wettest ride I’ve ever had on the way home!  But the 16 – 17 miles I get is more than I normally do on the rollers, and the hills are MUCH better for conditioning than inside riding!

Second is REI.  Not once but twice, they came to my rescue when the bike had issues after riding to work! Once for a new rear wheel and once when I needed work on the rear shifter.  Both times, I was on the road and heading home at my normal time!  (They did neglect to fully inflate my rear tire the first time, but I won’t fault them much for that!)

And finally, the weather gods come through last Sunday.  The rain stopping a least long enough to allow me to get on the road let me crank out the longest ride in a month, allowing me to make this month at least a bit respectable!

So overall, I shouldn’t complain.  AND May is looking up.  2 Century rides in the next two weekends, both of them new rides, so it will be a lot of fun!  It is also Bike to Work Month for Cascade Bicycle Club, and I am on the work team.  This means I will ride as many one way and round trips as I can!  I know better than to count my chickens, cuz anything can happen, but I am hoping for one of the biggest mileage months ever in May.

Let’s hope the weather gods cooperate and REI is standing by!!

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