Yesterday was Different

I’ve had days that have started differently, and ones that have ended differently than the norm quite often. But rarely do I have a day which is unique for both.

Yesterday was one of those days.

It started out with me being one of the better dressed people in he Sheraton Hotel’s banquet room to listen to Governor (Jay Inslee) speak. OK I a never the best dressed person anywhere. However, this was the bike to work breakfast.


This means most of the people there were in bike attire!. Sadly, I wasn’t able to ride to work yesterday. I had to be 30 miles south an hour after work. However, to keep with the keeping it green theme, I did walk the couple of miles from my office to the hotel.

I was invited by our new hire in the public affairs department of my company. He had been invited to share a table with Vulcan (no not the alien race) employees. What I didn’t know was their table was front row center right in front of the Gov. Pretty cool!

Now he is a politician, so most of what he said was more droning than important, However, he as on track for a few things.

1. That a great way to combat childhood obesity is to give them a safe place to ride. Shoot it worked for me, so I am for it!

2. That a bicycle is the most efficient human-powered vehicle ever developed, and the infrastructure doesn’t allow it to be utilized to it’s full potential.

3. Any 21st century transportation plan has to include provisions for cycling.

4. The worst biking day in Seattle is betters than the best in Chicago (evidently Chi town is talking about building more bike paths to steal or high tech jobs.)

5. (my favorite) There needs to be more carbon in our frames and less in our atmosphere!

Like I said, most of this was probably platitudes, but at least it was interesting. Jay says he is a cyclist, but who knows if he can pull any of his ideas off.

As I left I did see this though


We are getting a new bike share (Like Zip Cars) program in Seattle. It will be interesting to see how this takes off!

OK, I said the morning and evening was different. Yep, last night I went to my kids High School to see Grease. It was ok however:

1. Frenchie was only 3 feet tall (but a great singer)

2. Danny Zucco couldn’t dance, but again a great singer

3. Sandra Dee looked liked a teenage Olivia Newton John, she did a great job.

4. They did a great job with props as always. It was fun, and I was whistling Greased Lightning the whole way home.

So all in all a good day, but yesterday was very different!

2 thoughts on “Yesterday was Different

  1. Great post, they’ve had a bike share program in Miami Beach for a couple of years. It failed miserably because the only way it could stay afloat was through a government subsidy. It was a great concept but never caught on.

    Something like that might have a better chance in Seattle, however, I think that people who want to bicycle around probably already have a bike. I was thinking it would be a great business model if you do it right, low entry point, lots of on bike advertising and plenty of inventory in touristy areas. Are you in?

    1. These also appear to be electric bikes as well, which opens it up to an enitirely different clientele. I’m considering joining, as I can see advantages to not having my bike when Michelle and I go to games from PEMCO.

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