Well That’s Kinda Slow

So, as you may or may not know, my wife and I work for the same company.  This is great because I can load the bike on the back of the car and then bike-commute home!  Win Win!  Best part about the riding in with her is the red light kisses!

So, just before I had to head for my desk and I was hanging out with her and a co-worker.  He asked me if I did the century ride the day before.  I proudly puffed out my chest and said YEP!  Then he asked “how long did it take you?”  Well from the time I left till the time I got back, it was just under 8 hours.

Now this person is a numbers guy.  I could see him look into space, and I KNEW he was doing the math, then he innocently looked at me and said “Well, that’s kinda slow…”


Now my wife has worked with me for years to help me not say things that get me in trouble in public.  Questions like “Are you pregnant?” can get you in SERIOUS trouble!  Yep I speak from personal experience on this! Her line has always been “it takes a village toi raise a Tony”… Maybe I need to loan him my village.

But, even though I was dragging something fierce this morning, I did NOT go into battle mode.  I took the opportunity to explain a few things.

First I pointed out that, at least in my case, I do not pedal non-stop.  There’s stopping for water, food, standing in line for the portapotties, and stop lights.  A car can shoot right back up to the speed limit, it takes effort to get back to speed on a bike.

Next, unlike cars and motorcycles, gravity takes its toll on bikes.  We flat just don’t go as fast uphill.  There was a lot of uphill on this one!  Granted, going down hill we make up for it some, but it’s not an even split.

Then, once again not like a car, the winds can kill a ride time.  No exaggeration, this ride is known for 25-miles of serious head wind!  By the time I got to the last hill I was spent, and THEN had to climb the steepest hill!.

Finally, for this ride, I was riding with a new rider, I have no fear on downhills, she still has commonsense, I am great at uphills, she is still learning.  This meant a few times I waited for Liz to catch up (at the top or bottom of the hills).  For this ride she was my wingman, and if we learned NOTHING from Maverick in Top Gun you never leave your wing man.  For the record, my goal was to do this in 7.8 – 8 hours.  So she did not slow me down much and it was fun riding with her! (and I already told her I will ride with her ANY day!)

So, he sat there for a sec, pondered what I’d said (ever so pleasantly) and asked, “Then I shouldn’t base the time a ride should take by how fast I can go on a stationary bike?”  OK, this time if I had a stick I woulda hit him!  “Noooo, says I, any hills on that indoor bike of yours?”  “Nope”‘ “Any headwinds?”  “Nope, pretty calm the whole time.”  “Ever ride that thing for 8 hours???”  “Huh, no, guess it wasn’t slow”

Then he turned around and went back to work!  I left just shaking my head!  I am very happy for my “village” and I am lucky she loves me! (He, on the other hand is  lucky I like him!)

How many  of you have a person like this in your life???

Just as an aside, I decided to bike commute home, turns out we are the hottest city in the nation yesterday 86!  I KNEW it was hot!  But after 100 miles the day, i was still able to crank 17!

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      1. Funny thing is, some one actually tried that. I am from Newfoundland orginally and I actually saw the idiot try to do that. He got about 10 miles out from the harbour enterance and had to be rescued.

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