Walla Walla Part I

Michelle are taking a weekend away from the world, we flew over to Walla Walla Wa for some wine tasting! So I thought I’d bring yall along with me. Fair warning, I have had “some” wine and I’m typing on a iPad…. May NOT be my best post ever!

OK so first off I am never in charge when it comes to travel. I thought we would leave Seattle at 11 AM and head for the airport. But then this morning I looked at the boarding passes and the flight left at 1! OK, we left at 1030! Good thing I checked!

Then Wallypark was full and only taking people who set up reservations in their lot today… Guess who went out and made a reservation on Wednesday! Yep, no worries, we are in!

TSA lines were short, and we got right in. Had time for lunch at Starbucks, and to hang around.

Back in the day I dreaded who would sit next to me on the plane! Didn’t want some huge cowboy that overflowed his seat, or some smelly person! Now I fly with a sexy wife who smells GREAT! Poor guy a few seats behind us got stuck with a lady who would not SHUT UP!! I can tell you about her 3rd grade class, how she found out she was left handed and her entire trip since Columbus Ohio! Poor guy, I m surprised he didn’t pull a DB Cooper and jump out of the plane!

Got to Walla Walla and realized we had NO stinking clue how to get to Enterprise rent-a-car. Luckily I had them programmed in my phone! Called them up and they let us know they had guy at the baggage claim waiting for us!

Turns out that since I set up the rental through Insurance company I worked for, we were given a full sized SUV instead of a compact! NICE! The house we rented was within walking distance of downtown, even better!

We tried out Fort Walla Walla Cellers and loved their Syrah in fact we drank it tonight! Next was Otis Kenyons’s Syrah also yummy and we have a bottle with us.

Dinner was at a DAMN good French place called Brasserie Four. Not 5 minutes after we ordered, the power went out! Thank gawd for gas stoves!! The food was GOOD!

On the way back to our place we met Kelsey, the server at Locati Wines! We fell in love with the reserve Sangioviese and got a bottle of that!

Our goal this weekend is new wineries! So far we’ve tried 3 and found wine we like a lot! Shaping up for a great weekend!

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