Dumb Ass!


Yep, this kinda sums it up for me!  But luckily things worked out.

So, you may or may not know, I work in the training department of an insurance company, and if I do say so myself, I am a damn good classroom trainer.  I have conducted more than my share of multi-day classes that last all day long.  And, while no one wants to be in class while at work, many times I am complimented on how much the participants enjoyed my classes.

However, just like doctors make the worst patients, trainers are the worst students.  I was stuck all day long in a customer service class, and worse yet, it went till 5, I am normally off at 4!  Day two is today.  I truly hate sitting on my butt for that long!!

So, I will blame being distracted by classes for my dumb-assedness.  Class ended at 445, I was dogass tired.  But I made a beeline  down to the changing room to change into the bike close.  Yep a bike commute home was the perfect remedy for being trapped.

First thing I noticed, UGH, once again I sent my sunglasses home with my wife!  Dammit!!  OH, but wait, the emergency glasses are in my desk!  WHEW!!

But then the biggie, I emptied my pannier to get my riding gear and there were no shoes!!!  You dumb ass! Now what are you going to do!! By now it’s 5.  I could go to REI and buy a new pair, but after Walla Walla, the checkbook is a bit low, plus I’d also have to buy clips, put it all together correctly, it would be 545 before I’d even get started!

I could call Michelle and have her come get me, or take metro home, but:

  1. I needed more bike commute miles for commute month
  2. I can’t commute tomorrow
  3. Traffic sucked and would take forever for either plan to work

So there was only one plan left.  Luckily the pedals I bought for my bike (Shimano M324 SPD)


were selected by me for a reason.  NO, not because I can be a dumbass, though it is true, but because they allow you to clip in on one side, or ride with a regular shoe on the other.  Yep, planning ahead came in handy.  Ride home without clips it was!  Catastrophe averted!

Outside I went, and low and behold it was raining!  (Did I do something to piss off the bike gods?)  Well, I had remembered my rain shell and helmet cover so I was ready for anything!  Off I went.  OK 9000 of my almost 12000 miles were ridden without clips.  Including many centuries and my first STP.  But now it just feels weird!  Add to it wet roads and more traffic than normal, and I was a bit concerned!  But hell, who wants to live forever?  Onward and upward!

So I am getting rained on, heading down the road, and suddenly, everyone is stopped dead.  The University bridge is up.  At least it was for something cool, one of the giant pontoons for the new 520 floating bridge was going through.  Seems really strange that a giant concrete structure can float, but I saw it.  Sorry, I didn’t have a camera.

Well I thought the rest of the ride was going to suck but, it didn’t.  The rain wasn’t cold, I had a tail wind, and I quickly got used to riding without clips!  It honestly DID help my mental fatigue.  It was a great stretch of the legs getting me ready for the century ride Saturday in Oregon.  So I am glad I sucked it up and went for it.

One of these days SOON I have to put together a check list so I will stop forgetting stuff!  One of these days I’ll forget the whole bike if I don’t!

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