Bike to Work Day

So, how often to you bike commute and actaully gain weight by the time you get there???  Well that was today!  Here in Seattle, it’s the F5 sponsored Bike to work day!  Big doins I tell ya!  People who haven’t ridden for years are out and about!

As usual for this day in Seattle, I woke up to it raining.  I can’t remember a bike to work day when it hasn’t rained!  Add to it, I was up late at an Oregon State University function with my wife.  It was a blast!  And I met the football and basketball head coaches, but at 430 AM this morning I was dragging butt.

THEN I had to do the final packing and prep for tomorrow’s Reach the Beach century.  All in all, I was kinda grouchy when the ride started this morning.

THEN, I hit the first stand at whole foods.  Top Pot donuts, cinnamon rolls, oranges (to prevent scurvy) and smiling happy people.  Not to mention coffee!  The next had cookies and more coffee, the one after chocolate chip banana bread and MORE coffee!

YEP, the tires were sagging under the extra weight if the rider (Tubby Tony they’ll call me today) but I was in a helluva lot better mood by the time I got here!

This was the first bike to work day I’ve had a chance to participate in, and I KNOW it’s now an annual event for me!

3 thoughts on “Bike to Work Day

  1. Maybe I should try to bike to work. It’s super far and my asthma would definitely flare up, but I need to get in shape. We had this day in Bloomington a few days ago actually 🙂 I’m terribly lazy! Kudos to you 🙂

    1. Megan around here bikes can go on buses (they have bike racks) so Iknowmany people who take the bus closer to work then ride the rest 🙂 And Lady you are FAR from lazy 🙂 Thanks for the Kudos!

      1. You’re very welcome!

        Bikes on buses! haha, what a strange concept? 😉 It’s funny when you live in the Midwest so long you forget that not everyone drives everywhere. Hope your weekend went well 🙂

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