Twas the Night Before the Reach the Beach Century Ride

And I am one tired camper!!  Folks it has been a long week.  I had to try and cram 5 days of work into 2.5.  This  is because I was “stuck” in a class for 2 days.  Now, I am a corporate trainer, so if I was the one teaching the class, then I wouldn’t feel so bad.  Teaching is part of my job, so therefore I would’ve been working.  This time though, I was a participant….  And like everyone else in the class, I couldn’t help but think of all the stuff that wasn’t getting done while I sat there. Maybe this will help be empathize with my students more.

Then there was last night!  We were out at an alumni deal for my wife’s college Oregon State University.  It was a blast!  But we got home after my bed time.  Then I still had to get ready for the bike commute this morning AND the trip down here.  Add to it, network issues at the house I just couldn’t let get of, and I didn’t get to bed till close to 11…  then the alarm went off at 430…  THE PAIN!!!

The ride in, though a bit wet, wasn’t too bad.  And loved the snacks and coffee along the way.  But then there was the 3+ hour drive down to Portland.  Thanks to Jenny (our GPS) we found the hotel, but somehow I must have made her mad, cuz that bitch took us along a route that made me dizzy.  Turns out the Hotel is right off the I-5.  It would have been a straight shot….  Well hopefully she feels like she got even!

We went out for Mexican food to el Sol de Mexico!  DAMN good food, I had arroz con pollo!  Mmmmmm!  Felt sorry for the server though.  One of the other customers, I swear she was bordering on the age to be his grandma, was totally giving him the “come hither” look.  Good thing we were there or she may have just reached out and GRABBED the poor guy!

The weather has taken a turn to the worse.  We were being hit by heavy squall after squall the whole way down.  Michelle kept telling me poor “Fred” was getting wet.  (She names things, and has decided the bike’s name is Fred.  I don’t name things…. ”  Luckily the hotel room is big enough for it to dry in!

So long and short of it, it will be a WET ride tomorrow.  Oh well, won’t be the first or the last.  The good news is that we are staying in Lincoln City, Or, at the Inn at Spanish Head!  Always wanted to stay there,   the hotel is built on the side of a cliff and every room has a view of the ocean!  I should get there well early enough to enjoy a beer and sunset (If there is one!).

My alarm is set for 5 AM, all I will need to do is eat and fill water bottles in the morning.  By the time this posts at the normal 630 AM (No I am no slave to routine!) I hope to be a half hour into the ride!  Wish me luck and I will post pictures and a recap later!

Like the wind!


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