Simple things that encourage bicycle travel

Worth thinking about if you own a business in an area that has a lot of cyclists!

Two Wheel Travel

Encourage bicycle travel to encourage commerce

As bicyclists we travel slowly, requiring more time to cover a long distance than a car, bus or train. It is precisely in that slow travel that commerce can take hold.

As bicycle tourists, we sometimes take up 5 days to travel 300km. That’s 4 nights of lodging and at least 15 meals in addition to other attractions. On a bike, we can stop anytime we want. For anything.  As we cycle along, the area around is much more approachable.  We travel in a place, not through it.  The pleasant pace of traveling by bicycle affords us every chance to literally stop and smell the flowers along a roadside, shop at a local market, enjoy a a museum previously unknown to us, eat at a roadside restaurant (we eat a lot!) and stay in local accommodations.

Compared with car, train or bus travel that…

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