Back to Seattle

So after a great, though very wet, ride and a fantastic, though WAY too short stay at the ocean, Monday morning was back to work in Seattle.  (NEVER a good thing)

First we had heard that the weather was going to take a turn for the worse after being VERY nice on Monday.  Worse meaning rain, snow in the mountains (Snow in MAY?  Yep welcome to the Cascade mountains, and cooler down here.

This meant 2 things:

  1. If I wanted a dry bike commute, it better be Monday.
  2. The grass needed mowing so it better be Monday!

Now yall know I just rode a century ride, and pushed it during the ride!  Sunday was an “off” day, though it entailed driving over 200 miles to get home.  Not generally conducive to muscle recovery.  Therefore a smart man would’ve skipped the Monday afternoon bike commute home.

Yeah smart I never was!  the weather was in the high 60’s, so perfect!  No coat, the new reach the beach jersey, and no real wind!  Add it all together I go cocky, and took the BIG hill home!  I didn’t stop on top, but i did slow WAY down to catch my breath.  That took a lot out of me!

Of course, when I got home, it was not “sit on your butt time!”  Nope.  If I didn’t mow it now, I may not get a chance till after Memorial Day! (that the way our weather works!) And we do NOT have a riding mower or even a self-propeled one.  It goes by brute force! (My wife traded a 6-pack of beer for it back before my time.).  Yeo these legs got a double workout.  They will make me pay tomorrow!

The strangest part of the day though, was a text I got from the oldest.  He is a Sophomore at Western Washington University.  His text said simply “Hey, I impaled the work van Saturday!”

Now, there are words that bring certain pictures to mind.  if something is said to be “charging” at someone, I picture a rogue elephant trying to trounce someone.  Being “stared down” is Clint Eastwood, doing his flinty stare and spitting before shooting you.  And “happy place” would be Disneyland.  Impaled is one of those words.  I picture Ahab harpooning a whale, someone falling on their sword becasue they failed, or a knight with a lance running another knight through!

An impaled vehicle?  I picture a car that caught air and landed on, and is still stuck in the middle of a flagpole or church steeple.  So it was with trepidation I requested that he “Define impaled.”  Turns out he cut a corner too sharp, and something protruding from a parked truck punched a hole in the work van!  I would call it more a perforation than an impaling.

Once he explained it all, it was easy to relax.  In my younger years, working for Ryder Truck Rental (just like uhaul only yellow.  I was parking one 24 foot truck in front of another.  I cut it WAY too close!  the back bumper of my truck ripped off the front of the other truck.

When i called dispatch to let them know they asked “How bad is the damage, really?”  “Well,” I said, I am holding the severed turn signal in my hand and duct tape won’t fix it!  All this during the busiest weekend of the month.

So all in all the kid comes by it naturally.  We’ll see what the boss says.

Next year we hide in Oregon longer!

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