Is it Rude or Not?

A few days ago one of my wife’s best friends from college put a post on Facebook.  She was told by a mutual friend of her’s that she should stop talking about her workouts in front of another weight challenged friend of their’s.

Now a little background on our friend.  She herself had weight issues.  Last year she started weight watchers and working out regularly.  She has done a helluva job, looks amazing, and has toned up and lost weight.  She looks amazing.

Her post was asking for the proper etiquette when it comes to talking about working out, about weight loss, and posting these on Facebook.  She felt terrible that she may be offending or hurting someone with her comments.  People were thinking that she was bragging and rubbing it in.  I can guarantee this is not the case.  She is excited about her success and happy to talk about it anytime anyone asks.  I am happy to report all her friends supported her completely!

I mention this because its something I do as well.  If someone asks me what I did last weekend, I am excited to tell them I rode a Century ride.  Even though I have done many of these, I still consider each one I complete an accomplishment.  I am not bragging, not saying “I can do it and you can’t, you suck!”  I’m simply excited, and I want to share my excitement with others.  I have never had anyone seem unhappy or offended when I’ve shared my accomplishments.  Some think I am nuts, (ok many think I am nuts) but I hope I’ve never hurt anyones feelings

Conversely, I love hearing about other people’s accomplishments.  A buddy of mine rode 15 miles with his family to raise money for diabetes.  The man never rides a bike!  I think he’s a stud for doing so!  His 15 is my century!  The lady who sits next to me at work is an artist.  She has a big show coming up.  Hell I know nothing about art, but I am damn excited for her!  She wasn’t bragging, she was sharing.

Two friends of mine have published books.  One has 2 children’s books she has written and illustrated herself, with another on the way.  The other has a young adult novel published and is working on the sequel while blogging regularly.  Both are impressive as hell, and I want them to keep me posted on what they do.  I could only wish to so much.

Why am I writing this?  Well her Facebook post got me thinking about me and what I do.  I post on Facebook before, during and after every ride.  Why?  One reason is because my mom worries every time I ride, so I want her to know I am safe!   The main reason though, is friends like to know what friends are doing.  I also dearly LOVE getting the encouraging texts and responses to my posts!  When I was starting to wonder if I was going to make it in my one day STP quest, the texts from My wife, mom, Belinda, Teri and many many others kicked my butt in gear and helped me make it!

At work we have Yammer (picture a work based Facebook).  To encourage work/life balance, work wants us to share our accomplishments.  It helps build a team!  So every big ride I post what I did.

Finally, my Blog.  The title tells people I have pedaled 10000 miles!  Why did I choose that name?  Well, I wanted those who read my posts to know that I am not new at this game.  It takes a lot of rides to get to that many miles, hence the rest of the title, Experiences, Adventures and Thoughts, I’ve had lots of those.  I am constantly posting about rides, workouts and accomplishments I’ve had.  Each post is shared on Facebook.  Is this being rude or insensitive?

I guess the reason I wanted to write this post was to clear the air.  Why do I Blog, Yammer, Facebook and tell people in person about my rides?  I am seriously hoping that I can inspire at least a few people to start riding.  If I can get people who don’t normally ride out on a bike, and they start to enjoy it, they will become healthier.  If I can get some one who does ride, but only locally, to ride the Oregon Coast they will see things they have never seen before.

Mighty Manda and Auburn Liz are riding the STP this summer.  When they cross the finish line, I will feel like a proud papa!  I have watched, and encouraged them all year.  I am VERY proud of them!

This is why I share what I share.  And why I will continue to do so.  It is not to brag.  Not to be mean.  Sure as heck not to be rude.  Its to try to inspire others to get outside, enjoy life, and share some of the experiences I have had!

Ride like the wind people, and I thank you for reading my posts!  Yall make blogging fun!

8 thoughts on “Is it Rude or Not?

  1. I think there is a difference in posting about what you accomplished (or you enjoy doing) and just posting about something that anyone can do. I do enjoy hearing about your long bike rides and the trips you take (just makes me want to go visit the places and most of them I already have). But for those who post “Hey, i just ate breakfast” or “I just got out of bed” (I know a few people who do that) I pass those over with the rolling of the eyes.

    In the case of your friend I would applaud her for posting something like that. She worked hard to get to a goal (just like when you hit 10K on the bike) but it has to be with the same sensitivity that everyone has to abide by when they post something on a social media outlet. I find my self posting something like that and then retracting it a second later due to the fact that it may not appeal to everyone I know. Just last Saturday I posted on FB that I scratched an item off my bucket list. Sure some may not care, but to me it was a minor goal that I unexpectedly met.

    Know your audience, post what really matters, be sensitive. Applaud those who accomplish a MAJOR goal in their life, share your successes with everyone (especially for those who you don’t see everyday, they might like to know).

  2. Not rude at all! Some people are just sensitive and look for things to criticize. It’s therapeutic to share and reflect on our experiences 🙂

  3. Those that cannot lift themselves up will try to tear you down and bring you down to their level. When I started my journey, I had no idea that I would inspire others to start running or take up a physical activity they would enjoy. Now I find myself inspired by their stories and I look forward to reading their Facebook posts each day.

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