Dad and Husband Duty Day

Not every day can be a free wheeling, tail wind blowing, mad cap century ride to the Pacific Ocean.  Nor can it be a fun-filled, wine sipping, hand holding weekend away.

Alas there are times when dad and husband duties take priority.  It’s not often when both occur on the same day, and even MORE seldom when the dad duty involves BOTH kids.

We woke up Saturday  morning, with both boys under the roof.  The oldest (Alpha Tango Victor) (so named as he is now a tango dance instructor as well as a math major at Western Washington University) was down for the night.  He and his friends had to navigate the detour from hell to get around the I5 bridge that fell into the Skagit River Thursday.  He showed up ready to start chewing his own arm.  First dad duty was getting him to Dicks Burgers (a favorite in Seattle)  He devoured the fries and one Dick’s deluxe before we hit the main road.  Dad Duty.

At 10 PM, I went down to the park and ride garage to get the youngest ( (Echo Sierra (he’s a skateboarder) Victor) who was taking the elevator to the top floor and bombing down the ramps.  Yep, past my bedtime, but Dad Duty.

Saturday morning started with husband duty!  We were at our favorite nursery, Molbaks, when it opened at 9 AM.  We got there 5 minutes early and entertained ourselves watching the old guy walking from door to door to see if they were open, then back again!  Dude, relax!  it aint 9AM yet.  I think they purposely opened the door he wasn’t  at just to annoy him!  We did a power shop to find some plants to put into the garden this weekend.  Husband Duty.

Next, dad duty again.  Alpha Tango Victor had a job interview in downtown Seattle.  So, yep, he asked dear old dad for a ride.  I made sure to write down the address.  We got him there, and he asked “Um, where is the interview?”  “Ok pal, just get your stuff out of the car, I’ll check the address.”  Yep Dad duty.  Later he called. “Which way is Westlake Center?”  Yep Dad duty (did I mention he’s 20, but then I am sure my dad had to do the same things..) Dad Duty.

OK, back at the house and husband duty!  But this time I drafted the 15-year-old, Echo Sierra,  to help.  We went and rented a uhaul van and hit Home Depot.  Today is plant the plants and spread bark where needed day, so the kid and I needed the bark!   Yep loaded, delivered and unloaded in an under an hour.  Echo Sierra jumped in and helped a lot.  I let him relax while I went and pulled weeds.  Husband Duty.

Then Echo Sierra, the man-child, started hinting about going to Motion Board shop.  He wanted some grip tape,  His was fine, but he wanted to do some changes and he wanted to use his own money.  Evidently this is the Mecca of Seattle longboarding, and all skaters are required to make a pilgrimage there.  I parked around the corner, and read the kindle while he went in.  “No hurry dude, take your time!  Dad Duty.

Then, knowing nothing about applying grip tape, I made sure it was done outside, to minimize residue all over the living room!  Husband Duty.

But I supplied tools, appreciative comments and held the board as instructed. Dad Duty.

Yep, love my bike riding days, but Dad and Husband days are important too.  its not often I do this much in one day, but its nice to know I am appreciated!

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