The Next Level

So, Sunday night I was talking with my gorgeous wife, and planning the day for Monday (Memorial Day).   “I’ll get up early, do a quick 40 or 50 miles to give my legs a break, then be back early and finish the yard work!”

This morning, I slept in longer than I planned, so I got up, made the morning run to Starbucks (Ice tea for my wife, chonga bagel for the man-child and artisan ham breakfast sammich for me).  While it was being made Nichol asked “How far are you riding today.”  “Only a quick 40, I over slept.”  She was amazed by the ONLY 40 part.

I started thinking about it as I drove back.  Yep, I turned the corner!  It happens every year.  In January, the first 40 of the year is a big deal.  It means the rain has stopped enough for me to ride outside, and I am going to test the legs.  I am always worn out after the first one.  I try to get it in as early as possible, in order to start getting stronger.

Then this time of year hits.  I’ve already ridden 50, 60, 75, and 2 century rides.  I am riding 4-5 days a week and pushing it hard on every ride.  I’ve added more hills and ridden the day after my century rides.  I am getting into summer riding shape!

So my 40 mile training route, is an easy stretch of the legs.  Three hours of riding and then ready for the rest of the day!  What begins as an ordeal is now a recovery ride!

I took off and it was a bit chilly, but not bad.  The mountains were out, so I stopped for a quick picture, only to find I left the SD card out of the camera.  DAMN!

Now in the rest of America, Memorial Day is considered the first day of summer, and there is nice weather.  Our friend Gina posted she broke out her bikini for the first time (sorry guys, no pic of that either!).  People barbecue, go camping,  get sunburned etc.

NOT here,  In Seattle we KNOW the weekend (weather wise) is gonna suck ass!  We still barbecue, and go camping, we just know the burgers might get soggy and their better be blue tarps at the campground  (Check out PEMCO‘s NW Profile Blue Tarp Camper commercial (by the way I am a Trainer at PEMCO (full disclosure you know, but I love this commercial)).

Sorry for the digression, BUT, because of this, I was NOT surprised when the rain started about 15 miles in!  But, as long as I am on the road when the rain starts I refuse to turn around!  it was just drizzly, so it wasn’t too bad, and didn’t slow me down.

I pulled into the yard in just over 3 hours, wet, cold, but smiling!  The ride felt good and so did I!  I walked in and DAMN it smelled good. My gorgeous wife had made my garlic chicken I like to add to salad for lunches at work! YUM!  That was one of my tasks planned for the afternoon!

She also said she planned on making chocolate chip cookies!  (OH HELL YEAH!!  Bad for the Tony diet but I loves chocolate chip cookies, specially her’s!)

Then she took me to PCC and bought sushi for lunch!  Damn she spoils me but I like it (and love her.)

Soon after lunch, the drizzle turned to rain, and it never stopped.  A complete washout of an afternoon, but a great hang out day.  I read, Manchild surfed the web, Michelle did both, and we were able to just hang out.  I think Michelle and I BOTH needed a day like that!.  I got off my ass long enough to take the kid to his favorite skateboard shop, and then I made dinner (chicken enchiladas for us, and mac and cheese for her (she’s a vegetarian and LOVES Kraft mac and cheese!)

I will need to get the yard work done later, but a good morning ride followed by an afternoon to sit, was perfect!


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