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Here To Conquer

Today is the first official installment of… (drum roll please)… FEATURE FRIDAY!

“But Liz,” you might ask, “what is this Feature Friday series that you are proposing? And why should I get excited?”

Every Friday I plan on posting about some absolutely amazing feat that someone has conquered or a wildly extreme endeavor that makes your jaw drop. The purpose of Feature Fridays is to get your adrenaline pumping as you prepare to let loose and take charge of the weekend!

Today’s Feature Friday spotlights- BASE Jumping Off of Mount Everest

On May 5, Valery Rozov, a Russian BASE jumper, hurled himself off of the north face of Mount Everest (23,688 feet above sea level) wearing the telltale crimson beasts on his specialized wingsuit (you guessed it- RedBull sponsored this jump, the same people who sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic and super suspenseful space jump). With the air being so…

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